Make a Difference on Grandparents Day

It’s true that one person is capable of making a difference. Mirian McQuade was a West Virginian housewife when she started a local campaign in 1970 to set aside a special day just for grandparents. She wanted a day set aside to not only honor grandparents, but to give them an opportunity to show love for their children’s children, and to help those children become aware of the strength, information and guidance older people can offer.

Maybe your children don’t see their grandparents often, or maybe their grandparents are in the same house. Either way, this is a great time to acknowledge the wisdom they can bestow upon your children from their many years of experience.

Make an impact on Grandparents Day by honoring them through a range of activities. Here a few of our favorites:

So cute! Send a Hug in the mail. This would be a perfect homemade Grandparent's Day, Get Well Soon or Valentine's Day card. |

About four million greeting cards are sent each year on Grandparents Day, so let your child’s stand out! Send them a hug in the mail by carefully cutting out hands and hearts on colored paper, writing a note, and connecting them with a piece of string.

via Evolving Motherhood 

Cute idea for grandparent's day!  Use sign to take pictures with grandparents OR take pictures of the child for a craft  project to be made for grandparents.

Grandparents love pictures of their grandchildren, but you can add a little something different by having them hold up a sign with “Happy Grandparents Day!” or “I Love My Grandparents!”

via Parenting the A Team

My Monopoly Reviews

If your kids are able to actually be with their grandparents to celebrate this special day, it would be a great time to play a game or do something fun together. The new My Monopoly game allows you to customize the board with stickers of your family, making the time more memorable.

via Top Christmas Toys

Please feel free to share your ideas for celebrating Grandparents Day in the comments section below!

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