5 Weekend Activities

Learning Liftoff’s editors pick the top snacks, crafts, and other fun weekend activities for September 5-7.


Support your local farmers by visiting a farmers’ marketFarmers’ markets exist worldwide and are a great place to take your kids to reflect on the local culture and economy. It’s also a great place to get fresh, flavorful produce.

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Wall Football

Football season officially started yesterday, September 4th, so there’s no better time to teach your kids about the game than now. Create a different version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with Wall Football, or start your own Family Fantasy Football League. It’s a great way to learn math, strategy, and social skills while having fun at the same time.

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Apple Eruptions and Apple Volcanoes- a fun fall Science Activity for Kids

In the back-to-school season spirit, try out a craft or experiment using apples. You can make an apple eruption by removing the apple core and stuffing it with a mixture of baking soda and cinnamon (for a fall-scented volcano), and make the vinegar just as festive with red and green food coloring.

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September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, so take some time to educate yourself and your kids on the issue that is affecting one in three children in the United States. Spread the word about strategies for preventing childhood obesity and encourage others to get involved. 

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Take the whole family on a trip to the local zoo. Visit each creature’s exhibit and test your kids’ animal knowledge. Stop by the petting zoo to mingle with a variety of animals,  or sit in on a lecture by a zoologist, and learn about the various environments and eating habits of wild animals.

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Make sure to share your family’s 2014-15 school year goals, and how you’re going to accomplish them in K12’s “Mission: Possible” contest from August 18-September 19 for a chance to win!

Share the things you’re trying this weekend on social media by tagging @K12Learn on Twitter and Instagram.

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