Education Online? One Family’s Success Story

More and more families are looking for alternatives to traditional schooling. Read about one family’s story…

Making the transition to online school can bring up a lot of different emotions, but it was the best decision I could ever make for my children and family. Here are the highlights of our transition to a K12-powered school!

Day to day

I worried about maintaining the structure of my children’s day. Luckily, the daily schedule was straightforward and easy to stick to. It keeps my children organized and motivated.

What is the curriculum like? 

I was concerned about my children getting a comprehensive education that would prepare them for the future. But I was impressed with the curriculum. K12 offers a range of courses in core subjects, electives, and career-focused options. It’s tailored to my children’s needs, learning pace, and interests in a way we could never find in a traditional school setting. We even have options for honors and AP courses to really let my child shine, while preparing for the future. Now my children regularly drop facts that astound me!

What about extracurriculars?

One of the advantages of online school is the flexibility it provides. My children are passionate athletes, and now they can join the travel team and attend all their practices without missing classes or sacrificing their education. K12 prioritizes social interaction and provides experiences and programs to help children make friends, have fun, and learn along the way.

Am I ready to be a Learning Coach?

At first, I was intimidated when I learned I would be my children’s Learning Coach. But playing an active role in their education has been enlightening. Learning Coaches typically spend 4 to 6 hours per day with elementary students. As students become more independent in middle and high school, the time commitment nets out around 1 to 3 hours daily. The most rewarding part for me has been watching them grow and reach new heights in and out of the classroom.

Your child’s dedicated support team

Of course, like with choosing any education, I was concerned about the teachers. I was relieved when I learned K12 has state-certified teachers and uses a tailored approach for diverse learners. I quickly saw how rewarding their customized process was. The teachers reply quickly to their questions and provide feedback, and the online classroom has features that allow my children to engage with their classmates and teachers.

K12 is life-changing for my children. There’s no bullying or traditional bureaucracy. Just a tailored education that fosters growth and encourages them to chase their passions. But don’t just take it from me. Check out their website to hear the success stories of other parents and children.

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