5 Strategies for Keeping Students Engaged in Online Learning 

Every student possesses unique qualities, with different interests, learning preferences, academic goals, distractions, and anxieties. And online learning, such as K12, offers the flexibility to accommodate these individual characteristics, providing a personalized, ideal learning experience. With online education, students can work at their own pace, free from the constraints of a traditional school schedule. They can choose which subjects to dive further into and which assignments to tackle first in their school day. Even better, they can take advantage of beautiful weather by taking breaks and enjoying outdoor activities like going to the beach or riding a bike. What makes online school so special is its ability to seamlessly integrate into life without overwhelming it. 

One common question that families engaged in online learning encounter is, “How do you and your child stay motivated with this flexibility?” The answer is actually quite simple! You create a learning experience that suits your child and your family. Here are some of the ways K12-powered online students have shared how they find motivation each day: 

  • Work at a dedicated study area: While it may be tempting to work from a bed or the couch, it’s important to find a well-lit spot in your home, away from distractions. Sitting at a desk or designated work area can improve posture and enhance concentration and efficiency.  
  • Make a schedule: Work with your child to create a daily schedule that fits their preferences and optimal learning times. Whether they feel more prepared to tackle math equations at the beginning of the day or prefer doing reading assignments outdoors when the weather is warm, a schedule can help them stay on track and find their rhythm throughout the day. 
  • Connect with online peers: Online learning doesn’t mean missing out on opportunities for socialization. Many online schools have dedicated peer study groups and provide opportunities to participate in group projects that encourage friendship and teamwork. K12-powered online schools encourage students to engage in the K12 Zone, an interactive virtual campus where students can make friends, attend club meetings, and enjoy activities like trivia nights. Many parents also coordinate social activities so their kids can spend time together in person. Best of all, their friends can encourage and motivate them, making the learning experience more enjoyable. 
  • Lean on a support system: As a parent, you play a critical role in your child’s education. Your guidance and encouragement can make a big difference in their motivation and self-confidence. Sometimes, all they need is for someone to remind them that they can reach their goals. 
  • Set goals and work toward rewards: What serves as better motivation than reaching a personal goal and getting rewarded for it? Encourage your child to establish attainable, yet challenging goals, such as earning a high grade on a test and discuss rewards that can serve as incentives to work toward those goals. Celebrating their success with a special treat or activity can serve as motivation throughout the school year. 

Talk to your child and ask them what their favorite part of their school day is, and use that as motivation to stay on track with their learning. If they look forward to playing outdoors, build that into their schedule as breaks to work toward. If they want to earn a higher grade in a class, write out goals together and pick a reward for when they hit their goal. Remember, online learning is all about tailoring your child’s academic journey to their unique needs and preferences. Find what works best for them and make their schooling a deeply personal and fulfilling experience. 

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