5 Weekend Activities

Learning Liftoff’s editors picked the top snacks, crafts, and other fun weekend activities for September 12-14.

Tips to make the most from your apple picking trip with toddlers and preschoolers

Start or continue a family tradition by going apple picking! Select your farm by using Pick Your Own. The site lists farms throughout the country, and even worldwide, for a variety of pick your own farms (apples, pumpkins, etc.). If the weather isn’t in favor of this weekend activity, get creative and make an indoor apple tree with letters or questions on each apple.

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Apple Pie:  5-6 medium/large Granny Smith apples (about 2½ lbs.), peeled, cored and sliced  1/3 cup granulated sugar  3 tbsp. brown sugar  1 tbsp. all-purpose flour  ½ tsp. ground cinnamon  ¼ tsp. grated nutmeg  1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice  2 tbsp. cold unsalted butter, cut into pieces  1 large egg beaten with 1 tablespoon cold water

Now what do you do with all of those apples that you just picked? You can eat them alone, sure, but why not make an apple pie? Cooking with kids is a great way to make learning fun, too.

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Capture all of the fun your family had while apple picking, and let your kids craft their own frames. They can add their own drawings, stickers, or glitter, and make a masterpiece full of memories. Quick, easy, and frugal!

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Apple Tree Craft for Toddlers

Another great indoor activity is to create a a collage of an apple tree. You can cut up pieces of construction paper, tissue paper, or even real, dried leaves, and craft your heart out! Take the opportunity to use this craft as a math lesson by telling them how many leaves should go on each branch.

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What kid doesn’t love slime? Whip up a batch of ooey gooey slime that’s perfect for Fall. Replace the orange food coloring and the pumpkin pie spice with whatever color and smells you want.

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Make sure to share your family’s 2014-15 school year goals, and how you’re going to accomplish them in K12’s Mission: Possible contest from August 18-September 19 for a chance to win!

Share the things you’re trying this weekend on social media by tagging @K12Learn on Twitter and Instagram.

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