Summer School: It’s Much More Than You Might Think

Summer can be a time of rest, relaxation, and unwinding for students. But it can also be a time for some students to get ahead and augment their studies by attending summer school.

In addition to preventing summer learning loss, taking summer classes is a great way for students to take courses not offered by their school, such as a world language or health class. They can also take electives to learn about career and college interests, such as web design.

Summer school courses can also help students graduate early—helping them get a jump start on their future.

Laurel Barrette, K12′s Director of School Counseling Programs, encourages older kids to take fun college courses to get a feel for being on a college campus. She says, “They will experience the higher expectations of college students with a lower level of stress by studying something they enjoy, such as art or creative writing.”

Taking AP or honors courses can also help them prepare for the more rigorous curriculum in college.

If a student is concerned about a heavy course load for the next school year, taking summer courses can alleviate some of the stress—allowing them to supplement and get ahead in certain subjects.

K12offers a variety of online high school summer school courses, which includes electives as well as core and credit recovery classes. Some of the courses include:

  • Physical Science
  • U.S. Government and Politics
  • Computer Literacy
  • Image Design and Editing
  • Spanish
  • French
  • College Success

If a student is thinking about studying abroad in the future, getting ahead in a world language course would help them prepare for that possibility. The unique science and government courses can augment what students are already learning in similar classes. Electives are a perfect choice for students thinking about going into a certain field. To learn more or to enroll in a summer school course, speak to a K12 summer program specialist at (866) 529-0167.

Students in all grades can also stay engaged in learning all summer with online games and activities available in the Games & Activities Center.

Image credit: Grant/CC 2.0

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