Is Your Child Ready for Advanced Learning? Discover Your Options.

Is your child reading, solving math equations, or learning other subjects beyond their grade level? If so, you might have a gifted or advanced learner, which means they could be getting more out of their school experience and may need more challenges to stay engaged.

A gifted or advanced learner is someone who has strong intellectual and creative abilities, is highly motivated, and can quickly excel through multiple topics and assignments—something that is not always possible in a traditional classroom where students learn as a group at the same pace. What your child may need is a school that offers gifted education or advanced learning and flexibility to work at a pace that’s right for them—which is available at all K12-powered schools

If you believe that your child may qualify for gifted education or advanced learning, and their current school does not offer one of these programs, it may be time to take another look at K12-powered schools. Here’s what you need to know:

Entrance requirements will differ from state-to-state.

  • Students must meet entrance requirements specific to their school or state, which may include completing certain courses, earning a minimum grade point average (GPA), or achieving a qualifying score on placement exams.
  • Gifted education is offered in states that require students to earn qualifying scores on tests that compare their results with other students in their grade level across the nation.
  • Advanced learning is offered in states that do not require formal testing.
  • No matter which state you reside in, your student will receive the same full suite of services offered at K12-powered schools.

There are current and future benefits.

  • Students who qualify will have enrichment opportunities such as:
    • Curriculum compacting, allowing for more rapid progress;
    • Topic enrichment in subjects of interest; and
    • Individual course advancement.
  • Starting in gifted education or advanced learning in elementary school can prepare students for honors and Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses in high school. Depending on the course, students can earn college credit, giving them a jump start in college.

If your child isn’t receiving the advanced learning opportunities they need, and you want more from your child’s school, midyear enrollment is the perfect time to look at your options. Help them reach their full potential by giving them access to courses that will keep them engaged and thriving. To learn more about gifted education and advanced learning at K12-powered schools, go to

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