Exploring the Social Side of Online School: Fun Activities and Social Opportunities Await

Think back to your days in school—what are some of your fondest memories? Chances are, many of them involve the friends you made and the experiences you shared together. Not only did you have fun and create lasting memories with your peers, but you also grew as an individual all while boosting your mental health and building your confidence, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving skills. In other words, socialization and shared experiences in school were important for your personal growth and development.

You may wonder how socialization is built into online schools. It may look a little different from your experience, but online schools, like those powered by K12, are rich with opportunities to make friends, work with peers, delve into interests and hobbies, and explore unique destinations. That’s why tens of thousands of families who have opted for online school chose a K12-powered school.

In fact, K12 student JessieAnn said, “Once I realized that online school gave me even more options for clubs and ways to be social than I had at my old school, I got myself involved and made some really great friends.”

JessieAnn, a K12 student, holds her dog.

So, what does socialization and exploration outside of the classroom look like at online schools? Here are some of the enriching experiences K12 provides to students within their program:

In-Person Field Trips

Each online school within the K12 program coordinates outings that are open to all students and families who attend that school. These field trips take students to educational destinations like museums, libraries, and parks, and allow them to participate in activities such as hikes, tours, and even boat rides, like the students at Washington Virtual Academies who went on a cruise around Lake Coeur d’Alene with a local expert just before the winter break.

Don’t live near one of the planned outings? Parents can suggest other field trips for families who live nearby.

Virtual Field Trips

Get up close and personal at some seriously fascinating destinations through virtual fields hosted by K12. Students explore places like the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, the Nashville Zoo, and an array of children’s museums through live webinars led by an expert in the field. They’ll take students behind the scenes and answer questions throughout the experience.

National Competitions

From art and photography to robotics and esports, students can explore their interests and finetune their problem-solving skills by competing amongst their peers in K12 national competitions. These exciting events start with a challenge, such as coming up with a unique concept for environmental conservation or an educational video game. Participants then compete in rounds in a virtual environment. In some competitions, finalists may even get the opportunity to compete in-person for the grand finale!

And there’s so much more to explore at K12-powered schools, including school-level clubs, live virtual cooking sessions, and LEGO and Minecraft challenges. This small sampling shows how dedicated K12 is to weaving socialization, hobbies, and friendships into students’ online learning experiences. At K12, students aren’t tied down to the schedule of a traditional, in-person classroom, meaning as a family, you can create a school schedule that allows for maximum social interaction and exploration of hobbies and interests.

To learn more about K12-powered schools and how your child can thrive in an online learning environment, go to K12.com.

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