Online School Reviews: What People Are Saying About Online School

School is not what it used to be. What once was a one-size-fits-all learning environment is now a collection of choices that cater to all different types of learning styles, needs, and goals. And sometimes, you need to look outside of traditional school options to find the environment that will unlock your child’s love for learning and allow them to flourish as a student.

If you’ve been exploring alternatives like online school, you are part of the wave of families who want more for their child’s education—more flexibility, more one-to-one time with teachers, more family time, and with an added focus on individual learning goals. The benefits of learning from home can be life-changing, and it may be time for you to take a closer look at why hundreds of thousands of parents and students moved to online school for good.

To help you get a better idea of what these benefits are, some of the families at K12-powerered schools shared their experiences of what online learning is really like.

It’s flexible.

“We like that Peter has more flexibility to set his schedule and pace. There are still set class times and due dates for assignments, but there is more space for him to fill in that time before the deadline in whatever way that works best. That could be finishing lessons early and going to a museum to learn more about the topic before the final write-up. Or going to the zoo to learn more about a new animal he learned about in science class. We can really base a lot of our week on what he’s interested in, and we love that.” – Samantha, parent

It complements different learning styles and goals.

“I am quite happy with K12. My children are learning how to learn. They’re becoming more independent, and we can tailor our approach more … I can tailor the day for their personalities too, not just their academics.” – Elmater, parent

“The biggest thing for me is that I can work at my own pace to get through lessons so I can move through things faster.” – Josh, student

Students can focus on learning—rather than safety or bullying.

“We were having issues with our children being bullied, they didn’t feel safe in the school they were in. They were upset, stressed and we wanted better for them.” – Donesha, parent

“I can really be myself in online school and have more control over my education. My grades bumped up my first year, and so did my confidence. Even though there were a bunch of other students in the classroom, I felt like I had one-to-one learning with my teachers, which helped me a lot. I finally learned that I was smart and could do many things. Plus, the bullying wasn’t an issue for me anymore.” – Mia, student

There are many opportunities to socialize, make friends, and explore interests.

“We’ve met lots of new people at school-hosted outings at local museums or the zoo. K12-powered schools offer a range of events and activities for students and families. Plus, schools offer clubs for students to meet others with similar interests. Jordin is in math club, and Tre is in chess club, which is part of e-sports” – Donesha, parent

“Once I realized that online school gave me even more options for clubs and ways to be social than I had at my old school, I got myself involved and made some really great friends.” – JessieAnn, student

More one-to-one time with teachers and parents.

“I’m so proud of him. It’s really amazing to be able to see his day-to-day learning and be a part of it myself. Plus, as a Learning Coach, I like how accessible the teachers are when I have questions or need tips.” – Janelle, parent

“I enjoy having my kids home and being able to be more involved with their education. It’s fun for me to be able to provide supplemental information and extra real-world examples for their learning.” – Donesha, parent

A high-quality experience—from start to finish.

“The teachers at K12-powered schools are state-certified, plus they receive special training for online instruction, and it shows. Peter has loved all his teachers, especially his math teacher.” – Samantha, parent

“The biggest surprise was the quality and amount of learning materials we received. K12 sends everything you need—every book for the full year, lesson guides, science equipment, art supplies, math manipulatives—even the computers and printers. And the quality is amazing; I was very impressed, especially having worked in the local school.” – Windy, parent

If you’re looking for a change that can have a big impact on your child’s school experience, now is the time to get started. To learn more about online school and how it can benefit your family, go to

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