Six Ways Online Schools Can Support Military Families

As we observe National Military Appreciation Month, we want to recognize and express our immense gratitude to the brave men and women who protect our country as well as their families who make great sacrifices alongside them. Thank you for your service and dedication to protecting our country and freedoms. 

When you are part of a military family, change is guaranteed. You’ll move to a new city, a new state, and sometimes, a new country. You’ll eat at unfamiliar restaurants and wander the aisles of grocery stores trying to find your usual essentials. Big changes can disrupt your family’s everyday routine, but they don’t have to disrupt your child’s learning.

Thousands of military families opt for online learning through schools—like those powered by K12—for the consistency it provides their children. While your location and lifestyle may change, their daily classroom experience and curriculum does not. With K12, your child will have the freedom to continue learning without disruption, helping them feel more comfortable with a familiar routine in the midst of change.

K12-powered schools have been designed to ensure your child has a high-quality, consistent learning experience, no matter where you’re located. Here’s why so many military families like yours have chosen K12-powered schools for their children:

  • Consistent curriculum: You’ll have access to an award-winning, standards-aligned curriculum that is consistent across K12-powered schools. Your child won’t have to adjust to a new learning environment or course expectations, which means they can stay focused on their academic goals.
  • Experienced teachers: All teachers are credentialed educators who have experience with online learning and supporting children of military families.
  • Personalized learning: Activities and lessons can be modified based on each learner’s performance—which means being able to tailor the learning experience to their individual academic needs. Plus, you and your child will get one-to-one time with teachers for supplementary learning and feedback.
  • Support: You’ll have access to a vast network of families who can be a support system and offer guidance and advice.
  • More family time: When you move to an unfamiliar place, more time spent together as a family can be just what your child needs as they adjust. The flexibility in online school and the hands-on role you’ll play in supporting their learning can create the opportunity for more quality time together.
  • Clubs and extracurricular activities: Your child can socialize and explore their interests through K12’s variety of clubs and social activities, including theater, nursing, art, and music clubs, an esports league, national competitions, and virtual field trips. Students can also interact with their peers and teachers in the K12 Zone—a collaborative and safe virtual campus where they can access fun learning resources and join in games and activities with their peers. 

As children, we spend so much of our time in school. The familiarity of our classroom, coursework, and friends can create a feeling of home—and no matter where you go as a military family, your child can maintain that familiar environment when you choose online school. To learn more about K12-powered schools and why thousands of military families have enrolled, go to

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