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Learning Liftoff is America’s premier one-stop shop for families and teachers to
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We strive to empower parents and teachers to design a learning journey on which kids and teens can reach their highest potential. K-12 education should meet each child’s unique needs, provide individualized attention, include plentiful options and flexibility for each child to pursue their unique interests, and make wise use of technology to promote effective development and socialization. Learning Liftoff offers the tools that will help you ensure each student’s success along with guidance for parents to be heard in their child’s education.

How to deliver quality in education? How to create a student learning environment that is safe and optimally productive? How to guarantee each child’s mental and physical well-being and eliminate distractions and classroom frustrations so students can focus on learning? How can parents gain full visibility into what their child is learning and doing at school—transparency into curriculum content and each child’s progress? How can family values be built into education, and how can teachers make individualized attention a reality? Learning Liftoff is dedicated to finding the best answers to these questions for you.

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