Life After High School: Online School Prepares Your Child For The Future

For both parents and children, career considerations begin long before the end of a student’s academic journey. The concern of many parents extends toward not necessarily placing their children in specific vocations but rather providing them with the resources and materials to remain inspired and achieve both lasting academic and career success. While many schools offer college counselors and seminars toward work experience, some parents are left feeling that neither option attends sufficiently to the student’s individual needs.

K12 offers a solution. K12’s online school platform is a web-based classroom environment which stands as an alternative to the traditional in-person classroom model. K12-powered education offers a career and college prep program. With this program, a student is able to gain access to a number of resources that permit opportunities to meet success and provide direction toward a happy, healthy career path.

K12’s career and college prep program caters to both the academic and career interests of the students. The program operates on a project based learning model which allows the student to develop real world problem solving skills, and gain college credits  as well as job-shadowing experiences. Students are able to work collaboratively, bolster each other’s studies, and make lasting connections.

K12-powered schooling provides students the option to work independently, learning value skills such as time management while being allowed the space to develop their own interests and identities, free from the social pressures of a more traditional educational model. While learning more about the working world, students are able to complete courses toward college credits. K12 offers a full curriculum of AP classes permitting students to get ahead while maintaining an engaging, comfortable learning environment.

Though AP classes are not the only advantage students have in getting a head start on the future with K12’s career and college prep program. Career coaches will help them in the college application and decision making process, as well as guide them toward interesting career opportunities, internships and collaborations.

With K12’s career and college prep, students are able to learn how to take the steps to turn their passions into career opportunities. Outlets like the entrepreneurship pathway illuminate for students the necessities of a business model such as fundraising and investment. K12’s career and college prep program also extends to a number of different fields such as IT and health sciences. The program promotes conversations with real world professionals as well as places students in internships suited for their field of interest.

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