Three Great Mobile Apps Developed by Students

Building mobile apps takes time, knowledge and skill. Some developers hone the craft sooner rather than later.

Last December, K12 challenged students to use their technology skills and love of science to develop their own mobile app. Contestants had to base their app on one of three themes: earth and the environment, space and the solar system, or transportation.

The following three students won an iPad Mini for their  impressive skills:

M. Zaidi.
Grade: 9
Name of app: Fuel+
Theme: Transportation
Description: Fuel+ tells you how much you paid for your gas consumption. Fuel+ eliminates the surprise factor and accurately tells you the money you spend on gas consumption with a simple click.
Download: Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

R. Stephen
Grade: 8
Name of app: Space Bandit
Theme: Space and the solar system
Description: Help Ripley the Raccoon gobble up pizza and avoid the one-eyed space monsters! Space Bandit features 20 action-packed levels and a bonus survival mode.
Download: Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

C. Petty
Grade: 7
Name of app: Planet Trek
Theme: Space and the solar system
Description: Join Chloe on a journey through our solar system.
Download: Available for Android.

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who created a mobile app. To keep sharpening your skills, K12 has helpful resources for creating a mobile app. The company also features a wide selection of educational mobile apps for all ages.

Photo by flickeringbrad / CC BY 2.0

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