When Change is Needed: Top Reasons for Choosing an Online School

There are many reasons that parents choose to enroll their children in an online school. We asked our Facebook followers when they realized that their child’s education needed a change.

Many parents reported that they had trouble when their child was in a class with too many students. This left teachers unable to help them if they were struggling or advanced—leaving kids frustrated and even causing them to act out. Our parents told us that it’s important for their child to receive a more individualized approach to their education, which is possible with online schools.

It’s clear that teachers are so important to a student’s education. Great teachers recognize that it’s a partnership with parents that works best and together they lend support and inspiration to help students strive in school.

As can be common with special needs students in a brick and mortar school, parents told us that their child was labeled as a trouble maker and not given a chance to be taught in the ways that he or she needs.

Another big reason parents said they switched to online school is bullying. We shared many stories about kids who were bullied before switching to an online school during National Bullying Prevention Month. Our Facebook followers only confirmed that this is a big concern and a common reason that parents enroll their kids in an online school.

Whatever the reason for the switch, we’re happy that K12 is able to make sure kids are safe and learning in their school.

Want to tell us what prompted you to make the switch to online school? Tell us your story today!

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