How to Know If Your Child is Gifted or Advanced

Gifted and talented or advanced students are an exceptional group of students who possess extraordinary abilities or potential in one or more areas. These students require educational programs that are tailored to their unique needs and abilities. This article will explore some common characteristics of gifted and talented education (GATE) or advanced students.

High Intellectual Ability

One of the most common characteristics of GATE or advanced students is high intellectual ability. These students demonstrate exceptional cognitive skills, including reasoning, problem-solving, critical thinking, and memory skills. They can learn quickly, make connections between ideas, and apply knowledge in new and complex situations.

Advanced Creativity

GATE or advanced students also exhibit advanced creativity. They can think creatively and produce novel and innovative solutions to problems. They are often interested in the arts and demonstrate elevated levels of artistic ability, such as painting, music, writing, or drama.

Exceptional Achievement

Another characteristic of GATE or advanced students is exceptional achievement. They are often high achievers in academic subjects such as mathematics, science, and language arts. They typically perform at a level beyond their age peers and may require advanced curriculum or accelerated coursework to continue their academic growth.

High Level of Curiosity

GATE or advanced students are also characterized by their elevated level of curiosity. They are eager to learn and explore innovative ideas, concepts, and skills. They may ask complex and insightful questions, seek out challenging problems, and be highly motivated to pursue their interests.

Strong Work Habits

GATE or advanced students also exhibit strong work habits. They are often highly motivated and have a strong work ethic. They may be self-directed, take initiative, and persist in the face of challenges. They typically enjoy learning and may spend a significant amount of time pursuing their interests outside of school.

Emotional Intensity

Finally, GATE or advanced students may exhibit emotional intensity. They may be sensitive to their environment and experience strong emotions such as empathy, excitement, and frustration. They may have a keen sense of justice, fairness, and responsibility, and may struggle with feelings of isolation or underachievement if their educational needs are not met.

If your student possesses some or all these traits, they may be a gifted or advanced learner. K12-powered online schools offer many programs to support gifted or advanced learners.  Learn more about gifted and advanced programs at K12.

Note: Not all K12-powered schools provide a formal gifted or advanced program. Speak to an enrollment consultant to find out more about offerings at your local K12-powered school.

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