Monster Fish Printable Craft and Fun Fish Facts

This monster fish printable is a great indoor craft activity for your kids. We have provided many different fish bodies and pectoral and tail fins, so all you need to provide for your child is scissors, glue, and paper to paste it on. Simply click on the image below for each printable page. And while your child is making a monster fish, you can share these fun fish facts!

Facts About Fish

  • Fish are cold blooded like reptiles and amphibians and do not control their body temperature.
  • Fish can live in salt water and fresh water.


  • Goldfish are descendants of carp and have their origins in China.
  • They are the most popular aquarium fish in the world.
  • You can tell how old a goldfish is by its scales.
  • They have a sixth sense, which allows them to feel pressure change in the water.


  • The betta fish originated in Thailand and Cambodia.
  • Also known as Siamese fighting fish, they are territorial and aggressive (do not give it a roommate).
  • They prefer slow moving water and do not like living in currents.
  • These fish were first discovered in Southeast Asia, living in rice paddy ponds.

Ocean Fish Facts

Great White Shark:

  • Great whites are found on every ocean coast except for Antarctica.
  • The largest great white ever captured was 23.4 feet long which is bigger than the average car.
  • The top speed a great white can hit is 25 mph.

Orca (Killer Whale):

  • An Orca is not a fish but is actually a large dolphin, which is a mammal.
  • Orcas live in groups called pods.
  • Orcas have no sense of smell.
  • The killer whale can sleep with one eye open, can you?

Monster Build a Fish Printable

Click on the image for free printables.

monster fish printable

We want to see your child’s unique monster fish creation! Please post it to our Facebook page!

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