xGerms Addition Math Mobile App Wins Mom’s Choice Award

K12’s xGerms Addition math mobile app has been named a Mom’s Choice Silver Award recipient for being “among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.”

The popular app was released last September as an updated version of the original, in which the xGerms are back, but this time counting isn’t enough! In the new app, students have to master addition facts to defeat a new crowd of mathematic microbes. Our new xGerms Addition math mobile app features 16 games in which players are timed as they add numbers with sums up to 20. The number of problems increase through five levels of difficulty with a final sixth level to capture Toadzilla, the germiest germ of all, demonstrating a true knack for adding ‘em up. Bow wow wow!

Your favorite features, reloaded

xGerms Addition brings back a lot of what students love about our xGerms Counting app: silly germ names like Hinky, Gunkis, and Spoink; goopy sounds; the ability to recapture your favorite germs; and rewards for milestones like correctly answering 30 problems in a row. xGerms Addition is geared toward students ages five to seven and is based on the xGerms math games, which are available to families enrolled in K12 online Math courses.

Here’s what’s new:

xGerms Addition features a special formula that measures mastery of addition facts. What does that mean? If 8 + 3 = ? is answered correctly every time in a certain amount of time, it’s considered a mastered fact. The game keeps track of a player’s developing knowledge. Once mastery is achieved, it’s time to move on to other facts.

Other components that boost learning potential:

  • Capturing the big germ is a little harder. Students must answer three new problems to grab it.
  • An xGrid displays students’ progress with simple color coding to show mastery. Confidence grows as students watch the number of mastered facts increase over time.
  • A helpful walkthrough explains gameplay and how the xGrid works, including tips for turning red and yellow dots (which indicate novice and skilled knowledge of addition facts) into green dots (which indicate mastered facts).

Download xGerms Addition today:

Let us know how it goes! Tell us what you think of xGerms Addition. Send your comments and suggestions to mobile@k12.com. Also, follow K12 on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed about the latest products.

This is an updated version of a post originally published Sept. 8, 2014.

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