New Mobile App: xGerms for iPhone, iPad, and Android

K12 ’s newest mobile app launches today: xGerms Counting. In this game, big germs with icky names like Blurgle, Fibble, Olly, and Meech are needed for research—but they are protected by a crowd of smaller germ henchmen! It’s up to kids to count the smaller germs correctly (by 1s, 2s, 5s, or 10s) and then tap the big germ to make the capture. xGerms Counting is based on the xGerms math games, which are available to families enrolled in K12 CALMS courses.

The 16 games in xGerms Counting increase in difficulty as kids master each one. Kids will enjoy hearing goopy sounds when they tap little germs and the Bow-wow-wow! of a big germ that’s in danger of capture. There’s lots positive reinforcement for counting and capturing germs so kids that are hesitant to count to higher numbers will want to keep going. If they get stuck, useful hints will help them get back on track.

xGerms is designed to build on mastery; kids have to complete one level before unlocking the next one. But we know kids love to repeat fun experiences, so they can replay counting levels and capture their favorite germs again and again. They can earn trophy rewards for counting milestones (for example, counting correctly 10 times in a row or counting 100, 200, or even 1,000 little germs!) and for capturing germs once, twice, or even five times.

Download xGerms Counting Today

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