New Mobile App Helps Kids Practice Phonics

Alert! Alert! Our sensors detect a new app approaching.

In K12’s latest mobile app, Robot Bingo, 3-5-year-old kids face off against a friend or a robot buddy to practice letter sounds, beginning sounds, ending sounds, and sounds in words.  They’ll follow instructions like, “Choose the picture whose name begins with the sound /p/” or “Choose the letter that makes the sound /t/” to stamp the game board in the chosen pattern to win each game.


Geared toward preschoolers, Robot Bingo supports early literacy by providing interactive phonics and phonemic awareness practice.

Robot Bingo is now available on iOS and Android devices, both mobile phones and tablets, including Kindle Fire. The following features make the app appropriate and fun for very young learners:

  • Play against a friend or against a robot!
  • With nine different games and four game boards available in each game, kids have thirty-six unique opportunities to play and practice sounds.
  • Customized play allows kids to choose players, games, game boards, and colored game stamps.
  • Each game can be replayed, so kids can choose their favorite games over and over.
  • All games include colorful illustrations and animation that make them fun and inviting.
  • Audio support and consistent game functionality empower kids to play independently.


Robot Bingo is an element of Embark Online, which is an engaging online program that helps prepare young children for kindergarten. This exciting pre-K learning experience allows learners to explore more than 800 interactive online activities, including games, videos, songs, stories, and more. These activities are designed to actively engage children while fostering their natural propensity to learn through exploration.

Robot Bingo is free for unlimited play of 3 games. To unlock all 9 games, there is a one-time $1.99 parent-gated in-app purchase.

Let us know how it goes! Tell us what you think of Robot Bingo. Send your comments and suggestions to Also, follow K12 on Facebook and Twitter and visit the K12 Mobile Applications page to stay informed about the latest products.

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