Get in Gear for Spring

At last, spring has arrived! So what can we look forward to in this season of renewal and regrowth?

First, you’ll notice that when the weather warms up, you see more plants and animals emerging. Where were they during the winter and how did they survive all that cold and snow? If you or your student is wondering, visit the posts below for all the answers:

 How Animals Survive the Winter


How Plants Survive the Winter


And it is not just the plants and animals who seem to reemerge when the weather warms up. Spring has traditionally become a season of productivity for people around the world.

Spring is a good time to reassess and reorganize. For helpful ideas on how to organize your learning space visit the K12 Facebook album! And check out these additional organizational and goal-setting  ideas below:

Use Google Calendar to Organize Your Family

Google Calendar is a free web app that can make organizing your family’s schedule simple. Google Calendar lets you easily keep track of your family’s busy life, including your students’ online school schedules, sports, and extracurricular classes, Mom and Dad’s work schedules, family activities, and all your other obligations.

5 Apps to Keep Students Organized

These 5 apps can help all students make sure they never miss a due date, and stay prepared and organized for study sessions, tests, and essay writing all year long.

Redefine Your Goals for the Spring Semester

Finally, don’t forget to have fun. Having a good attitude can make all the difference in the world. There are a lot of ways to have fun while still being productive whether it’s playing, cooking, watching YouTube, or taking a road trip. For more fun spring activity ideas, visit our Pinterest board.

Remember, there are always ways to make activities fun and educational. The activities below will get your student outside and learning:

5 Learning Opportunities this Spring


If you are still enjoying Spring Break and are looking for a quick educational trip, be sure to read our series on amazing American landmarks. You may be surprised to find that there are learning opportunities right in your back yard!

Featured Image – Matthias Ripp / CC by 2.0

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