20 Great Summer Activities for Kids

Make the most of these summer days with some fun and engaging activities your kids will love. If you need ideas, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. Do just one or two, or try all 20 for a memorable and educational summer. For more ideas, visit our Summer Fun and Learning Pinterest board.

20 Ways to Have the Best Summer Ever

  1. Be a happy camper. Learn about the benefits of summer camp, then find the perfect one for your kids.
  2. Keep students’ brains engaged with a simple at-home science experiment.
  3. Show off your musical talent for a chance to win big.
  4. Build, play, and learn with LEGOs.
  5. Hit the road! Stay engaged along the way with fun travel learning games.
  6. Play tourist at home by visiting educational or historical points of interest near you. For an educational experience without even leaving the house, try taking a virtual field trip.
  7. Stay sharp this summer with brain-training games.
  8. Pen your masterpiece. Use these writing prompts to get you started.
  9. Learn a new skill. How about app development?
  10. Don’t be a couch potato. Spend some time getting active.
  11. Do a DIY project.
  12. Build the perfect summer reading list.
  13. Sharpen your math skills with a fun and engaging math game.
  14. Have a movie night. Try a historical movie, or an adaptation of one of your favorite books.
  15. Get inspired by an amazing student story.
  16. Discover a new source for free learning games.
  17. Play fun summer reading games.
  18. Harness the learning power of your kids’ favorite video game.
  19. Start planning for the future.
  20. Remember to leave time for relaxation. You deserve a break.

What are your favorite summer activities? Leave us a comment below.

Image credit: Ryan Hyde /CC BY-SA 2.0

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