Best of .GOV: Free Games for Kids

11 Sites with Free Games for Kids, Powered by the USA

When you think government, one of the last things on your mind would be fun kids’ games. But what if I told you that there are plenty of government agencies and departments that have some really great interactive activities for kids, where they can learn about each agency?

It’s true.

While the government is made up of hundreds of departments and agencies with their own functions and responsibilities, these entities also have really great resources for kids. We’ve compiled just a few of the best websites that feature free games and activities that kids can play to learn about the individual departments and agencies.

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation

An easy-to-use site, where anyone can go to learn about the history of the FBI and some of the aspects of their job. Learn about the day in the life of an FBI agent, Therapy and Working Dogs, and go on an FBI adventure.

USDA: United State Department of Agriculture

This site has awesome activities for parents to do with their kids. If you have a child who is interested in nature, plants and the outdoors, this is a great resource for experiments, learning about nature, and even career tips. They have printable activities that are easy to follow and fun for any student.

 CIA: Central Intelligence Agency

This site has activities for every age, including resources to help older students get a job. The site also includes resources for parents and teachers on the best practices for internet safety and keeping kids away from drugs. There are fun, free games that test both perception and intelligence to give users a feel of the skills that are required to work in the CIA.

 FEMA: Federal Emergency management Association

This is a great site to teach kids about the dangers of natural disasters. Kids can read comic books and answer questions about how to prepare for an emergency or play a game that involves identifying the necessary items for a worst-case scenario.

FEMA has also helped develop the game Disaster Hero. This activity allows players to create an avatar and battle against personified disasters: floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Each challenge involves competing against the disaster and learning how to best prepare for it in real life.

  US Mint

The US Mint offers a surprising amount of activities that focus on money. Some of the activities involve using money from different time periods to learn about history. Others involve finding different materials to learn about science and, of course, using the value of coins to learn about math.


This site combines plenty of kid-friendly videos from other government agencies. The site is easy to navigate and breaks things down by K-5, 6-8, and resources for teachers and parents.

 National Museum of the US Air Force

This site is perfect for students who are interested in aviation. They can learn about different types of aircraft, from prop planes to rocket ships. Visitors can also learn about local museums and upcoming air shows. If the museum is too far, be sure to check their virtual tour.

 NCES: National Center for Education Statistics

This site is a great source for daily facts and trivia. The home page offers a math question, a word of the day, a student poll, a fun fact, and a ‘this day in history’ fact.

 Department of the Interior

This site links to other government sites that focus on nature, such as different animal habitats, animal tracks, and various wildlife. Several free coloring books and printables, such as Otto the Otter, teach kids about animals and safety while exploring the outdoors.

 CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Comic book-style heroes represent the body’s immune system and villains represent viruses and diseases. Aside from the fun reading activity, the CDC offers tips for eating healthy, exercising, and safety for physical and mental health.

NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA may have the best catalog of games and activities to get kids learning about space and Aeromechanics. It has resources for educators, parents and students. Visitors can explore every past or current NASA mission and learn about what astronauts eat, their training, and even experiments they conduct in space.

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