Made into Movies: The Best Book to Film Adaptations

We are all aware of the importance of reading, but motivating students to open a book can be difficult. In this series, Made into Movies, we’ve gathered some of the best film adaptations of favorite books to spark kids’ interest in reading. Watching the films can serve as a reward for finishing the related book, inspire children to read the book after seeing the film, or accompany a reader as they are making their way through a series.

Click an image below to discover the best book to movie adaptions for various reading levels.

 MadeIntoMovies_PreReaders_LLBlogMadeIntoMovies_YoungerIndependent_LLBlog       Made Into Movies Books For Independent Readers

MadeIntoMovies_MiddleSchoolers_LLBlog       Made Into Movies Books for High Schoolers

Many of these books can be found on K12’s reading lists. Be sure to include your favorite books made into movies in the comments.

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