7 Great New Math Games For Android

Today we’re sharing some of the latest ways for students to learn and reinforce math concepts by using engaging mobile games and puzzles. Check them out, and if you know of other great apps, let us know in the comments.

Some of the games in this list are supported by ads or in-app purchases, so be sure to read the app’s permissions before downloading, and disable in-app purchases without a PIN.

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Awesome New Math Games for Android

Screenshot Description
 Numberline for Android is a fun puzzle game for anyone who likes a challenge.

Numberline Puzzle Game

Numberline is a pretty slick math game with great graphics and a simple concept. When you start a round, you’re given a number in the target field. It’s your job to draw a line across one or multiple tiles that add up to the target number. When you do that, it gives you points, a new number, and a new board. Make a mistake and you lose points. The process continues until time runs out. Leaderboards and achievements keep users striving to accomplish more in this fast-paced game. This is one of the most engaging math games I’ve found to date.

4.9/5 Stars / 14 Ratings

 2Vars can be a tough riddle game, more appropriate for kids in the middle-elementary grades and up.


The developers of 2Vars accurately describe the app as a “math riddle game.” While some other games on this list may be appropriate for younger students, this one is tough enough that we recommend it for students age 7 and up. The basic premise of the game is that you’re one number in a simple math problem, and you have to guess which two variables from the provided set combine with the operator to give you the correct answer. Earlier levels are simple enough, such as X + Y = 5, but later levels get pretty tough, for example X / 2 = Y. It’s a great game for anyone wanting to sharpen their thinking skills with increasingly complex riddles.

4/5 Stars / 182 Ratings

 2048 Endless Combo is like the original 2048, but provides more levels for greater difficulty.

2048 – Endless Combo

We’ve previously told you about the popular game 2048, and this version takes the game to a whole new level. Similar to the original, you swipe tiles around the board to try and match or add two of the same values together to double the value. The goal is to keep doing this until you reach the target figure (usually 2,048, though some users report that they’re trying to reach 8,196!) without getting stuck. It’s difficult to do well, but if you know some basic math and have a mind for matching and puzzles, it’s a great way to spend time while keeping your math skills fresh.

4.5/5 Stars / 189 Ratings

 Kids Math Count offers attractive graphics and simple gameplay for younger students.

Kids Math Count Numbers Game

One of the more cartoon-y games on the list, this app features a variety of activities for younger students, pre-K to grade 2. There are a variety of activities included such as connect the dots, writing/drawing numbers, fill-in-the-blank and more. While the artwork is cute and the variety is nice, older students will quickly get bored as there are no scoreboards or timers that force you to improve for a higher score.

3.8/5 Stars / 2,786 Ratings



Described as a “little puzzle game that makes simple math a lot of fun”, I found Quento to be challenging in the beginning, but quickly got the hang of it. The goal is to swipe across numbers and operators to solve for the requested number with the specified number of tiles. For example, you might be asked to get to 13 by using three numbers. You swipe around the board to find a combination like 9 + 5 – 1, which are three numbers, plus operators that equal the number given. While not the most beautifully crafted or complex game, the simple concept keeps many users coming back for more.

3.8/5 Stars / 3,394 Ratings



Another great game for riddle lovers, Mathaholics gives you a target number and a set of cards that you can use, with operators, to get that answer. For example, in one early level you might find that the target is “2”, and you’re given a 1, 2, and 4 with +/- operators. In this instance you can solve the puzzle by choosing 4 – 2 = 2, then 2 – 1 = 1. There are often multiple ways to solve for the answer, and by introducing operators it really gets you thinking once you move on to some of the tougher puzzles.

5/5 Stars / 7 Ratings

Math and Cheese is a simple, cute math game that has kids protecting their cheese from invading mice.

Math & Cheese

Mice are coming for your cheese, but to use your mouse trap to keep them away, you have to solve a simple math problem. Take too long, and the mice might win. Cute graphics and a large number of levels including the four basic operations make this game suitable for pre-k to teen.

4.4 Stars / 39 Ratings

Interested in more math games? You can view our Activity Center here on Learning Liftoff, and our mobile app catalog on k12.com.

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