10 Writing Prompts for Kids

Many students love to write, but sometimes they need a little structure when it comes to their ideas. Using a writing prompt can be a great way to jump start your student’s creativity and get them writing in the right direction. We’ve come up with a variety of writing prompts that your writer can use as a platform for liftoff.

    1. You are among the first batch of students recruited for the first interstellar university. Describe the training you go through and your first week at the multi country school.
    2. You’ve created a new program that makes current social media useless. Explain how people communicate and interact now that their social accounts are obsolete.
    3. You encounter a new species of animal. Describe everything about it: where you found it, what its habitat is, and what it looks like, how it reacts to you.
    4. You’ve invented a time machine, but it only allows you to travel back and ask a person 3 questions. Who do you choose to visit, what three questions do you ask, and what is their response?
    5. It’s been winter for as long as you can remember. For the first time in years the sun comes out, things begin to melt and show a world beneath the snow. Describe what’s happening and how people are reacting.
    6. You were raised by a pack of wild animals, and are coming across humans for the first time. Pick the animals that raised you and describe how that affects your first interaction with humans.
    7. Write a love story in 15 words or less.
    8. You live in a world where everyone develops superpowers when they’re 14. It’s your 14th birthday and you don’t get powers. Write about how you pretend to have powers so no one notices.
    9. An alien race has come to destroy your planet. The people of Earth have elected you to convince the aliens that Earth is worth saving. What do you say?
    10. You wake up to find your life is animated like a cartoon. What do you do differently in this new world?

Be sure to share your stories in the comments!

We’ll create another batch of writing prompts in the future, so be sure to check back for updates.

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