Reconnect by Disconnecting this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time when we get a chance to come together with family and friends to celebrate all for which we are thankful. It’s also a time to put those devices down, and step away from the screens with some fun, and educational activities that will bring you and your family closer together.

Start a New Tradition

Traditions are important to many families and also for young learners as they grow. Thanksgiving is when many families continue those traditions and is a time to create new traditions.  From participating in a charity run or walk, to making crafts to decorate the house with, traditions play a key role in maintaining stability in a young child’s life and help create a sense of routine.

Learn Math and Science in the Kitchen

Measuring, mixing, baking; science and math come alive in the kitchen. Have your young learners be part of the fun in preparing Thanksgiving dinner by making a side dish. There are so many easy recipes for children to put together. Do not forget the leftovers! The days following Thanksgiving also bring fun culinary creations with the leftovers from the big dinner.

Create Beautiful Works of Art

Bring out your child’s artistic side by making some arts and crafts to decorate your house with for Thanksgiving. Design a thankful tree, and have your guests fill out the leaves with what they’re thankful for.  Or create a beautiful centerpiece and place settings for your Thanksgiving table.

Get Outside and Exercise

Many people try to work up an appetite before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Many families head out to start their Thanksgiving by taking part in a local run or walk to get their exercise in before filling up at the table. These runs and walks always support a local charity, so you are helping yourself and your community.

Also happening this November is the FIFA Men’s World Cup. While many people across the country get together for a game of football on Thanksgiving day, why not try something new and play a game of soccer? The tournament is also a terrific way to learn more about some different countries around the world.

Give Back

The holiday season is also a time to give back to those less fortunate in your community. It can be as simple as picking a couple extra items while at the grocery store or taking some time to volunteer and a local soup kitchen. For many families, Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge all they are thankful for by helping those that are less fortunate. Volunteering this holiday season is an incredible way to bond as a family.

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