5 Great Thanksgiving Traditions You Can Start This Year

One of the things that makes holidays so special is traditions. Most people can think back to holidays when they were younger and recall different family traditions. If you don’t have as many Thanksgiving traditions as you would like, let us help you with five Thanksgiving traditions you can start this year!

Table Décor

There are many activities you can start for your table décor. You can get the kids involved with different craft ideas. One great idea is to create pinecone turkeys that double as a place cardholder! Another wonderful tradition is having everyone sign a blank tablecloth – having people add what they are grateful for makes this even more special. It’s a wonderful tradition to bring it out every year. You also can use these great printable placemats to have everyone write down what they are thankful for. Each person could go around the table before dinner and say what they wrote!

Thankful Jar

You may think it’s hard to start new traditions, but it is never too late. A great idea for a new tradition that you can start any time of year is a thankful jar! Start with a large cookie jar, little bits of paper, and a pen. Any time something special happens during the day, write it down and put it in the jar. You can empty the jar on Thanksgiving and share all of those special moments with your family.

Turkey Trot/ Hike

For those athletic families, a turkey trot is a great way to start your day! You can find a local race and get the whole family involved. If running a race isn’t your thing, you could go on a family hike. After a filling meal, a long walk after dinner is always a good idea. Being active on Thanksgiving, no matter the speed, will make for a great tradition that is sure to create wonderful family memories.

Watching the Parade

One tradition many families have is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. It is such a fun experience for both kids and adults. Seeing the large floats and wonderful performers is a great way to start the day! The added bonus of Santa coming out at the end helps to kick off a great holiday season! If you want to learn more about the parade, check out these fun facts.

Decorate for Holidays

Since many people see Thanksgiving as the kickoff of the holiday season, it is very fitting to add decorating for holidays as a Thanksgiving night tradition. You could put up your tree and decorate it after dinner! Don’t stop there if you are feeling the holiday spirit —you could decorate your whole home! Be sure you have holiday music playing.


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