5 Easy Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and you have a refrigerator full of leftovers that you don’t know what to do with. Rather than eating turkey sandwiches for a week, why not make those leftovers into another meal to be thankful for? Today, we’re sharing Learning Liftoff’s editors’ picks for the top five easy Thanksgiving leftover recipes to enjoy this weekend, November 28 – 30.


This recipe will make you want to have a Thanksgiving spread just to make these Leftover Stuffing Waffles. Who says you can’t make the traditional dinner into a morning meal?

via Rachael Ray


Soup is just as much of a comfort food as Thanksgiving dinner is, so turn the plate into a bowl, and dive in. This Hearty Turkey Tortilla Soup is certainly one for the whole family to enjoy.

via Campbell’s


Turkey is a great alternative to beef since it is a leaner meat, so sub the Thanksgiving turkey in this Turkey Fajitas leftover recipe. ¡Delicioso!

via Campbell’s


This Turkey-Cranberry Strudel leftover recipe is a great way to sneak in some items your kids may have avoided at last night’s dinner table . It calls for turkey, cranberry, and squash, but you can throw anything in that may be taking up room in the refrigerator. Green beans? Sure. Corn? Why not?

via Recipe Girl


Nothing screams Thanksgiving leftovers like a turkey sandwich, but make this one your new signature dish with ingredients beyond mayonnaise or cranberry sauce. This Turkey Cheddar Apple Butter Panini is so good that you’ll make it more than once a year.

via Running to the Kitchen

Share your recipes, and all of the other things you’re trying this weekend in the comments below or on social media by tagging @K12Learn on Twitter and Instagram.

Image Credit – Kristen Taylor / CC by 2.0

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