How to Create a Thankful Thanksgiving Table

In all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is so easy to lose sight of the importance of Thanksgiving. This time of year has long been a tradition of pausing to reflect and give thanks for the blessings in life and celebrating time spent together with family and friends. In the spirit of gratitude and appreciation, one way to ensure your children focus on the true spirit of this holiday is to create a thankful Thanksgiving table.

Using one (or a few) of these ideas for your table decorations this year may help to create a tradition in your family of expressing thankfulness as well as serve as great conversation pieces during Thanksgiving dinner.

[divider]Leaves of Love[/divider]


Using cut-out leaves (or other fall objects), have your children write the names of those whom they deeply appreciate or love. This could be family members, friends, teachers, or the family pet!

[divider]Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth[/divider]


Writing what you are thankful for on a tablecloth or table runner can be a great annual tradition. If you keep the tablecloth and add to it every year, you will be able to track over the years how the things your children are thankful for change over time. This will likely make for some treasured memories!

[divider]Banner of Blessings[/divider]


Using whatever material you prefer or have on-hand, cut out shapes large enough for a child to write on and string together with ribbon or twine. On these shapes, have your children write specific blessings they are fortunate to have in their lives—their rooms, favorite foods, toys, books, etc.

[divider]Pleased Pumpkins[/divider]


This is a great way to use any leftover pumpkins you may have from your fall home decorations before bringing out your winter supplies. Have your children focus on the “small things” in life that bring them pleasure or a smile to their faces—puppies, rainbows, candy, swings, etc.

[divider]Signs of Success[/divider]


Have your children write their successes this year on cards made from card stock or chalk paper. These could be learning to ride a bike or to tie their shoes, making the honor roll, getting a job, being accepted into college, or any other accomplishment they are proud of. Secure these cards on sticks to create signs and place in centerpieces you are planning on using for your table.

*Thanks to Zurchers for supplying us with these festive fall decorations and table settings!

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