List of the Best Myths, Heroes and Legends in TV and Movies

Children’s books, movies, games and even curriculum are often centered around fabled characters with roots in ancient times. The mythological genre offers exposure to world cultures, history, literature and art, while modern pop culture has inspired more interest than ever in all things magical. In this series, Myths, Heroes, and Legends, we examine various categories of our favorite TV and movie adaptations in this area and how they enhance and inspire your child’s learning. We’ve rounded up our favorites and categorized each by their region. To find out if your favorite film made the list click one of the images below:

Modern Day Myths, Heroes, and Legends On-Screen
Greco/Roman Myths, Heroes, and Legends On-Screen
Britannic Myths, Heroes, and Legends On-Screen
Scandinavian Myths, Heroes, and Legends On-Screen

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