Amazing Minecraft Creations

Minecraft is the wildly popular video game in which players can collect supplies and tools to build just about anything they can imagine. Some players may choose to simply mine for the basic supplies needed to build a shelter to protect them from the monsters that come out at night (in my brief attempt at playing, that’s about the most I was able to achieve). However, some players take Minecraft inventiveness to a whole other level, creating working technology or feats of architecture that boggle the mind. Here are some of the most impressive Minecraft creations.

Working Cell Phone

Minecraft: Working Cell Phone (via CNET)

Verizon worked with ad agencies to create an actual working cell phone, with which players can make pixelated video calls to friends within the game. It even has a “selfie stick” feature so players can take a selfie to send out via text!


16-Bit Computer

Man Builds Computer Inside Computer Game (via Kotaku)

Don’t ask me to explain how he did it—it has something to do with an arithmetic logic unit—but this guy is creating a working 16-bit computer inside Minecraft, which is a game in a computer, and that is pretty cool. This is just one of many examples of players creating real, working operating systems with the basic tools and supplies found in the game.

Working Scientific Graphing Calculator

Minecraft Scientific/Graphing Calculator (via YouTube)

I’m not sure if I needed to pay more attention in math class, or whether this person is just a genius—all I know is that this working calculator built within the game is huge, beyond explanation, and very interesting!

Playable Guitar

Minecraft Playable Guitar (via YouTube)

This working, playable guitar is a little easier for me to wrap my head around, but still incredible. The player can actually set up chords on this massive in-game guitar to create tunes.



25 Minecraft Creations That Will Blow Your Mind

I had intended to only include scientific or mathematical inventions, but I continually encountered some truly amazing architecture created in Minecraft. From a scale replica of a player’s own bedroom, to full-scale cities, to a huge replica of the ship from Battlestar Galactica, to (my favorite!) Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings, some of the creations in this gallery are absolutely astounding!

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