Which is Better: Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft PC?

The immense popularity of Minecraft can’t be overstated. With around 45 million copies sold across all platforms (PC/Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and mobile) it’s one of the best-selling games of all time. While the PC and console versions have sold more copies, the app,  Minecraft Pocket Edition, routinely tops the charts for paid apps in every app store.

We wondered how Minecraft Pocket Edition compared to the computer version, so we asked one of our OHVA students, Stefan Urbanek, for his take on it. Stefan loves to build things, and is a LEGO fanatic who enjoys creating videos with his sister. He’s also big a fan of Minecraft, since it combines LEGOs with video! In his review, Stefan weighs the pros and cons of each version, and also discusses the learning possibilities of Minecraft.

LL: Can you tell us about the differences(s) between the Minecraft app and the computer game?  

SU: Minecraft Computer (or Minecraft PC) has some things that Minecraft Pocket Edition (or Minecraft PE, the app) doesn’t have. The app does NOT have:

  • Various mobs like horses, wolves, and dragons (Mobs are living, moving game entities that are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player)
  • You cannot tame pets (pets can become stronger, or helpful in other ways)
  • The capability to change what the blocks, items, and animals look like, including yourself!
  • the Nether (a dimension home to several hazards,but allow the player to travel at a ratio of 8:1. i.e. traveling one block in the Nether means traveling eight blocks in the Overworld) 
  • Hardcore mode (same as survival mode, locked at hardest difficulty, and one life only)
  • Worlds that other players have made
  • Ability to add modifications to your game experience
  • Commands, and, surprisingly,
  • the End of the Game!

SU: On the other hand, the Minecraft app has some things that Minecraft PC does not have. The computer version does NOT have:

  • Nether Reactor Core (the main component in constructing the Nether Reactor)
  • Beetroots (crops similar to carrots and potatoes in that they drop a food item, and seeds which can be replanted on farmland)
  • The ability to change your username

LL: If you could change Minecraft Pocket Edition, what would you do? 

SU: We would update the app to be exactly the same as the computer version except it would be portable. (Duh!?)

LL: Final thoughts?

SU: In conclusion, content-wise, Minecraft PC is better, but both are fun to play.

Parents, I am just as lost as some of you may be, but I hope this article has provided you with talking points, if nothing else, and a great read for the gamers at your house. Additionally, Stefan and his sister have recorded a video for us to give a more visual review of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Enjoy!

[embedvideo id=”O9TXvqNW1oU” website=”youtube”]

Just as with Minecraft for PC and consoles versus the pocket edition, there are advantages and disadvantages of brick and mortar public school versus online public school. If you would like to discuss the benefits of online public school and other curriculum/services provided by K12, the enrollment team at K12 would like to talk to you! You can reach our enrollment team at (877) 895-1754 or request a free information kit.

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