New Lego Sets Announced!

Lego has announced plans for two new sets! Lego Ideas is a place where you can discover, support, and share ideas for new Lego sets. The two new sets that have been announced are Wall•E and Doctor Who and Companions. Watch the announcement below.

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No details yet on what features we’ll see with the new sets, but here are some looks at the winning concept designs.

Doctor Who and Companions

Here at Learning Liftoff, we’re huge fans of Doctor Who.  We’re happy to see the Timelord and his companions are making it to the block world. Below, Andy Clark shares a few cool features from his concept for the Lego Ideas team.

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The Wall•E Lego Idea was created by Pixar animator, Angus MacLane. In an interview with The Brothers Brick, he talked about how Legos have helped him in respect to animating.

“LEGO gets you used to thinking and designing in three dimensions. It has really helped my ability to visualize spatial relations. This is especially useful when working with artists and technical directors to take 2D designs and successfully turn them into 3D character models.” –Angus MacLane. The Brothers Brick

Lego Ideas – Wall*E – Top Close Up


Lego Ideas – Wall*E – Full View


Lego Ideas – Wall*E – Wheel Detail


Find out what other creations Lego Ideas has in mind. Vote for your favorites, and share your ideas.

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What kind of Lego set would you create? Share your ideas below!

Featured Image – Andrew Clark, Lego Ideas


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