5 Fun and Educational Doctor Who Activities Your Kids Will Love

This weekend kicks off the new season of Doctor Who. First aired in 1963, Doctor Who has been one of the longest running series on television. With more than 800 episodes and hundreds of books, the Doctor and his companions have gained many fans, of all ages, throughout the years.

What better way to celebrate the new season than with some educational lessons and activities that kids would love?



Time-CapsuleA Family Time Capsule

Making a time capsule is a great way for your kids to learn about the past, present, and future. Much like the Doctor, it’s always good to leave yourself reminders whether it’s to your past self or your future self. Simply find a bottle or container, and fill with memorable items that represent your life today. Write a letter to yourself in the future, explaining how things are today. Your favorite show, a story about you and your best friend. Write about how you imagine the future to be. What will people be wearing? How will they travel? Pick a time that you’d wish to open the capsule. When your child opens the capsule, they’ll be amazed at what they wrote.


p00q4m38The Gunpowder Plot

Travel back in time to the 17th century and help the Doctor and his companions save history from being altered. BBC created a game that teaches kids about the past, while also building skills in investigation. BBC also supplies lessons (broken up into three age groups: 5-7, 7-11, and 10-14) that your kids can do while playing along.



BBC one

River’s Journal

Writing in a journal is a way of teaching kids how to express their emotions and ideas without the fear of criticism. River Song has become one of the Doctor’s greatest companions, and anyone who knows River, knows of her diary, but no peaking … spoilers. You can purchase a replica over at ThinkGeek or you can print out a template from BBC and make one yourself.



BowTiePin the Bow Tie on the Doctor

Who wants a donkey at their party in the first place? Bow ties are cool. Have fun listening to your family and friends help you put the Doctor’s bow tie on.




WeepingAngelWeeping Angel Freeze Tag

The Weeping Angels have become one of the Doctor’s greatest foes. The beautiful, yet eerie angels are cast in stone and can’t move when seen. There are many ways you can play this. A fun one is a take on the classic Red Light, Green Light game. Have the kids line up in a row (these will be the Weeping Angels) about 20-30 feet from the person who is the “traffic signal.” The non-angel will yell out “Don’t Blink, Don’t Blink, 1, 2, 3!” while their back is turned. That’s when the angels will advance forward. When the one person counting is done and turns around, all the angles must freeze. If an angel is spotted moving, they must go back to the starting line. Keep playing until one of the angels reaches the person and tags them. Make sure you have plenty of room to play, and most importantly … don’t blink! Download your Weeping Angel mask, and more, at BBC.co.uk

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The new season of Doctor Who airs Saturday, August 23 8pm ET on BBC. Past seasons can be found on Netflix. You can also check out more learning opportunities with Netflix for kids.

Featured Image – Ray Burmiston, ©BBC/BBC WORLDWIDE 2014

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