5 Tooth Fairy Traditions

Losing baby teeth is a big deal for little ones as well as for their parents. A big deal that’s accompanied by a tiny fairy. These five Tooth Fairy traditions will help make losing baby teeth memorable for everyone, whether the tooth in question fell out on its own or your child yanked it out in anticipation.

1. Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow


Follow Martha Stewart’s instructions to create this Toothy Fairy pillow. Your child can place his or her tooth in the pillow which can then be replaced by money or another trinket from the Tooth Fairy.

2. Make Tooth Fairy Money


If the Tooth Fairy is delivering money, obviously it will be covered in fairy dust. Follow Ten Kids and a Dog‘s lead by making Tooth Fairy money that is sure to leave your home covered in glitter (and what mom doesn’t love that?). Do this by spraying dollar bills with glitter hairspray or using regular hairspray and sprinkling on glitter.

3. Tooth Fairy Receipts

Toothfairy Receipt

These free printable Tooth Fairy receipts from Capturing Joy allow you to fill in the information making them customizable to your child. They’re a fun keepsake that are further “proof” that the Tooth Fairy made a visit.

4. Letter from the Tooth Fairy


Additional free printables, like these from The Suburban Mom, allow you to leave notes and reports from the Tooth Fairy. Your kids will love receiving a note from the Tooth Fairy and reports will encourage proper oral hygiene.

5. Oral Hygiene Tools


Instead of, or in addition to, money, we recommend that the Tooth Fairy leave behind tooth brushes, toothpaste, and floss. These gifts encourage kids to take care of their pearly whites and, because they’re from the Tooth Fairy, your kids may be more likely to use them. While you may not want to believe that your children are more likely to listen to a fairy than you, the Tooth Fairy is an expert.

What is a visit from the Tooth Fairy like in your house? Share in the comments below!


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