Announcing the Winners of K12’s 2019 Art Contest

Creative students had the chance to express their adventurous side during K12’s 14th Annual Art Contest recently. This year’s theme was Artistic Adventure, and the more than 1,600 submissions illustrated kids’ visions of the many places they can go in their imaginations.

We invite you to view the online collection of submitted artwork to see all of the many creative pieces entered in the contest.

If you submitted a piece of artwork for your student, you will receive a participant certificate via email. You can also download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your artist’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage their artistic talent.

The winners have also been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:



Best in Show Lauren S., Insight School of Kansas, The Hero’s Choice
Kindergarten – First Place Muhammad A., FLOS, Peacock
Kindergarten – Second Place Blaze G., OHVA, Blast off from Earth
Kindergarten – Third Place Patrick F., VAVA, The Universe Railroad
First Grade – First Place Ruthi K., INDLS, Smokey Mountain Smoke
First Grade – Second Place Mina G., FLCCA, Flowers to the Mermaids
First Grade – Third Place Jolie M., TNVA, The Friendly Koala
Second Grade – First Place Josiah S., FLCCA, Underwater Adventures with Josiah and Pongo!
Second Grade – Second Place Sapphira-Lin D., Agora Cyber Charter School, Playing With the Dinosaurs
Second Grade – Third Place Josana G., SCVCS, Dream Adventure
Third Grade – First Place Bayan M., FLCCA, An Adventurous Imagination
Third Grade – Second Place Jazlyn P., TXVA, Native American Horse
Third Grade – Third Place James W., Agora Cyber Charter School, Me In Space
Fourth Grade – First Place Alchemy M., AZVA, Melting Clocks
Fourth Grade – Second Place Noah E., CAVA, Attack at Charles Fort
Fourth Grade – Third Place Emily F., AZVA, Walking the dog
Fifth Grade – First Place Amelie T., Texas eSchool Prep, The moon I love
Fifth Grade – Second Place Emma V., IAVAView from the dock
Fifth Grade – Third Place Zeenat K., TVAH, A Galaxy Far Far Away
Sixth Grade – First Place Gabrielle H., LAVCA, A leap for mankind
Sixth Grade – Second Place Nayla R., OHVA, Forest
Sixth Grade – Third Place Lily W., OHVASweet dreams
Seventh Grade – First Place Maryn T., TVAH, A New Way to Get Around
Seventh Grade – Second Place Iris J., OHVA, Fruitifuzz Bita, Axim, and Ahrgy
Seventh Grade – Third Place Berakyah D., MNVA, Not Just A Book
Eighth Grade – First Place Adrianna E., NCVA, Adventure in Colour
Eighth Grade – Second Place Rachel M., LAVCA, Aviator of the World
Eighth Grade – Third Place Triiwa H., Agora Cyber Charter School, Diamond Sky
Ninth Grade – First Place Jonathan F., FLCCA, RED DYNAMITE
Ninth Grade – Second Place Elizabeth M., CASC, Adventure Awaits
Ninth Grade – Third Place Hannah P., TNVA, My Artistic Adventure
Tenth Grade – First Place Anastazia K., TOPS, A New Magic to Make a New Adventure
Tenth Grade – Second Place Jayde J., FLCCAMy Dream Adventure
Tenth Grade – Third Place Alexys L., TVAH, Pk’s Aussies
Eleventh Grade – First Place Angela D., OHVA, Art In Itself
Eleventh Grade – Second Place Sydney P., MNVAAdventures at the Beach
Eleventh Grade – Third Place Sierra M., Insight School of WashingtonGalatic Exploration
Twelfth Grade – First Place Caitlin A., TOPS, The Light Within
Twelfth Grade – Second Place Yesenia M., Agora Cyber Charter School, An Adventurer’s Spirit (Inspired by Moana)
Twelfth Grade – Third Place Kolten H., AZVA, Burning Sunrise

We thank all our winners and participants for sharing their artistic adventure with us this year. Watch for future contests from K12!

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