K12 Announces Winners of the 11th Annual Art Contest

K12’s annual art contest, which was held during the month of October, resulted in a number of impressive submissions that demonstrated the students’ artistic abilities. We received many wonderful pieces of artwork from students in grades K–12 all illustrating the theme of “When I grow up . . .”

We invite you to view our online collection of submitted artwork to see the fantastic art that we received this year.

If you submitted a piece of artwork for your student, you should have received a participant certificate. If you missed it, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your artist’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage their artistic talent.

The winners have also been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:

Best in Show Emma H., iQ MinnesotaThe Art of Life hill_iqmn_11_5
Kindergarten – First Place Ella M., SCVCSSweet Dreams Ginger sweet_dreams_ginger
Kindergarten – Second Place Kathryn B., OHVA, The Happy Sunflower 3
Kindergarten – Third Place Remington B., GCA, Firefighter Remington 008
First Grade – First Place Kiersten W., VAVA, Kiersten’s Kitchen weatherholtz_vava_1
First Grade – Second Place Briana D., UTVA, When I Grow Up I Want to be a Farmer fullsizerender_10
First Grade – Third Place Sophia D., Hoosier Academies, Let’s Go On a Dig img_3333
Second Grade – First Place Daisy D., Volusia Virtual School, Dr. Daisy the Animal Specialist dr-_daisy
Second Grade – Second Place Rylee P., OHVA, Science for the Cure rylee_art
Second Grade – Third Place Taran B., OHVA, When I Grow Up I . . . dsc00020
Third Grade – First Place Josie M., OVCA, Me as a Pediatrician ped1_0
Third Grade – Second Place Khadijah Z., PAVCS, Nail Salon khadijah_1_0
Third Grade – Third Place Makena F., SCVCS, Baker makena_3rd_grade_art_contest
Fourth Grade – First Place Meghan S., CAVA, All about Helping Animals img_0004_0
Fourth Grade – Second Place Aydon W., GCA, A Day in the Life . . . warren_gca_4
Fourth Grade – Third Place Maddy P., OHVAPhotographer maddys_art1
Fifth Grade – First Place Elijah B., MGLVAElijah Always Wins ej1031
Fifth Grade – Second Place Tanahoa T., GCA, Lion Heart tanohoas_creation
Fifth Grade – Third Place Airis Y., Academy of Arts and Sciences, K12 Inspires Me img_5453
Sixth Grade – First Place Maieda K., FLCCA, My Future: To become a Mineralogist scan_20161031
Sixth Grade – Second Place Chanlee W., TOPS, The World ward_tops_6
Sixth Grade – Third Place Raynah K., OHVA, A World of Color kalloor_ohva_6_0
Seventh Grade – First Place Dennis P., NVVA, What I Want to Be When I Grow Up img_2566
Seventh Grade – Second Place Isabella D., TOPS, Astronomy untitled_104
Seventh Grade – Third Place Carly B., WIVA, Love Is Love img_1617
Eighth Grade – First Place Haley T., LAVCA, What I Want To Be When I Grow Up untitled_59
Eighth Grade – Second Place Kaydee C., GCA, When I Grow Up christopherson_gca_8
Eighth Grade – Third Place Kierstin T., GCA, Zooptopia untitled_113
Ninth Grade – First Place Alex R., ARVA, Foodtopia orca_share_media1476158677912
Ninth Grade – Second Place Angelique J., IDVA, Love Potion art_-_studio_5_-_9-22-2016_-_wip_16
Ninth Grade – Third Place Kamryn K., TXVA, Art Teacher rsz_1drawing_3_edited
Tenth Grade – First Place Kristen J., Insight WashingtonHorizon horizon
Tenth Grade – Second Place Sara W., GCAWhen I Grow Up, I’ll Create Inspirations contest
Tenth Grade – Third Place Steven P., Insight MichiganAlways Watching, No Eyes img_3166
Eleventh Grade – First Place Fiona L., CAVAA Perfect World art_contest_3
Eleventh Grade – Second Place Alina P., TOPSOne With Plants Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Eleventh Grade – Third Place Raven A., CASCWhen I Grow Up . . . salon
Twelfth Grade – First Place Amelia S., MVCAI Want to be an Author lup8-55-5
Twelfth Grade – Second Place Taylor C., TOPSDream of Flight fullsizerender
Twelfth Grade – Third Place Nellie M., CAVABeauty of Nature inkscape_pasted_image_20161030_160000

We thank all our winners and participants for sharing what they want to be when they grow up with us this year. We look forward to what 2017’s contest will bring.

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