See the Winners of K12’s Art Contest Celebrating Culture

K12 hosts annual contests so students from all over can showcase their skills — whatever they may be! The Art Contest is hosted every year during the month of October, and this year’s contest resulted in a number of impressive submissions all illustrating the theme of “Celebrate Culture.”

We invite you to view our online collection of submitted artwork to see the fantastic art that we received this year.

If you submitted a piece of artwork for your student, you should have received a participant certificate. If you missed it, you can download your certificate of participation, print it, personalize it by filling in your artist’s name, and pin it somewhere in your home to encourage their artistic talent.

The winners have also been chosen, and we would like to congratulate the following students:

Best in Show JT T., CASC, Life Outside the Bubble
Kindergarten – First Place Chance S., AZVA, Different But Equal
Kindergarten – Second Place Sapphira-Lin D., Agora Cyber Charter School, Loving Where I Am From
Kindergarten – Third Place Quan Fai R., NCVA, CHINA
First Grade – First Place Gabriella A., OHVA, Our Family Culture
First Grade – Second Place Bayan M., Osceola Virtual School, My Two Cultures
First Grade – Third Place Alexia M., GCA, Our World Flower is Peace
Second Grade – First Place Noah E., CAVA, Celebrate Culture With Music
Second Grade – Second Place Rylan H., CAVA, My Hawaiian Culture
Second Grade – Third Place Aminata A., Miami Dade Online, For the Culture
Third Grade – First Place Sophie K., AZVA, Kindness Everywhere
Third Grade – Second Place Misha Masroor S., CAVA, Culture of Pakistan
Third Grade – Third Place Camille C., NCVA, Hebrew Seoul
Fourth Grade – First Place Lily P., NCVA, Cultures Around the World
Fourth Grade – Second Place Lilly T., WAVA, United We Kneel
Fourth Grade – Third Place Lillian K., LAVCA, Family Crests
Fifth Grade – First Place Eugene S., Homeschool, Flag of Ukraine
Fifth Grade – Second Place Mariam S., TXVA, Islamic Culture
Fifth Grade – Third Place Rebecca S., ORVA, Fairy Garden
Sixth Grade – First Place Nicole P., GCA, My Beautiful Bird
Sixth Grade – Second Place Darius P., NCVA, My Mind
Sixth Grade – Third Place Olivia H., LAVCAMy Culture Tree
Seventh Grade – First Place Chanlee W., TOPS, Cultures and People
Seventh Grade – Second Place Reece G., Insight Kansas, Mayan Guerrero (Warrior)
Seventh Grade – Third Place Amaya M., NCVA, Celebrate Culture “Where I’m From”
Eighth Grade – First Place Jasmine P., LAVCA, Cultural Unity
Eighth Grade – Second Place Liam N., OHVA, Kyle
Eighth Grade – Third Place Kiera B., OHVA, Day of The Dead
Ninth Grade – First Place Kayla M., MGLVA, Madoka Kaname + Kyubey
Ninth Grade – Second Place Miette S., OHVA, Performance
Ninth Grade – Third Place Michayla G., GCA, Tribute to the Sacrifice of Native Americans
Tenth Grade – First Place Alexandria T., CAVA, My (Big, Fat, Greek) Culture
Tenth Grade – Second Place Vrindavan S., AZVASerendipity
Tenth Grade – Third Place Lisa A., NVVA, Me and My Culture is Complicated
Eleventh Grade – First Place Rachael D., SULS, My People Are My Beauty
Eleventh Grade – Second Place Chase W., MNVACultures and Subcultures
Eleventh Grade – Third Place Kirstianna G., LVSA Peek Into My Culture
Twelfth Grade – First Place Alyssa V., WAVA, Self Portrait
Twelfth Grade – Second Place Amelia J., MVCA, Color Blind
Twelfth Grade – Third Place Salvador V., iQ Los Angeles, Dancing in the 50’s

We thank all our winners and participants for sharing how they celebrate culture with us this year. We look forward to what 2018’s contest will bring.

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