Holiday Break: Work Hard So You Can Play Hard

The holiday break is just around the corner for students everywhere, and as parents who give 100 percent to your students’ educational success, that means a break is around the corner for you, too. As December kicks off, take a close look at where your student is academically, and then make a December plan. Here are some factors to consider:

  • If your student is really behind, take advantage of the fact that it is the beginning of December and “lean in” in order to have a stress-free January. Determine where you can double up on some lessons. Choose a few days and group together lessons in language arts, math, or any other subject where your student needs to get ahead. Try to stick to your plan and see what your student can conquer before December 31. Be sure to note your student’s successes and hard work as you ring in the new year. Do your best to get as much done so that you can completely unplug during the last few days of the break.
  • If you are just a little behind, get a handle on your schedule before the new year begins. Identify pockets of time on your calendar before the holiday break, and do your best to get your student fully caught up. Then when school is out for the winter recess, your family can make the most of the break and come back strong in the next year.
  • If you are on schedule, give yourself a high-five! Consider finding a day or two in December to look over the line-up for January and devote a little time to thinking about how you and your student are going to continue to reach your goals. Also, is there something you have been putting off doing that would make schooling at home a little bit easier, such as organizing materials or adding some shelving or cubbies to your learning space? The school break is a great time to make those enhancements.

Regardless of where you are in your schedule, make a plan so that you can enjoy the holidays. It’s important to find time to relax now, so you’ll be ready to start the new year strong.

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