Your Guide to Winter and the Holiday Season

Temperatures are dipping, leaves are dropping, flakes are falling, and we’re spending a bit more time indoors preparing for a holiday season that’s hopefully filled with meaning and magic for your family.

There’s something about the cold bringing us inside our homes and the holidays offering cause for celebration, reflection, faith, and gratitude that can bring people closer. And children are the proverbial cherry on top of it all.

That’s why we’ve got a slew of articles planned to help you and your kids learn and grow together in the coming weeks and months, whether it’s finding a meaningful gift, making a delicious meal, fun facts and tips for getting through the season, or activities to help you make the most of a break from school.

Here’s what we have so far to help you through this holiday season:

11 Favorite Holiday Books for Kids

10 Great Holiday Movies for Kids

Fun Facts for 11 Inventions Used in Winter

Holiday Recipes You’ll Love

Gifts That Give Something Back

4 Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

9 Winter Holidays Around the World

The Science of Snowflakes

Fun Educational Holiday Activities for Kids

In the coming weeks, we’ll give you more ideas for gifts, food, and activities, as well as tips and fun facts to help keep you sane and your kids’ brain cells firing. No matter how you spend the winter holiday season, we hope your family has a meaningful and magical time together.

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