Home Learning Spaces: 5 Tips to Guarantee Your Success

It goes without saying, but back to school looks a little different this year for many families due to COVID-19. Whether you’re new to online learning and need to set up a designated school station or you’ve been an online school family for many years and want to refresh your workspace, we have some colorful and clever organization solutions to help.

If creating a home learning space seems overwhelming, just remember that this will be the haven where your children establish, grow, and flourish their love of learning. Whether it’s a desk in your child’s room, the kitchen table, or an entire room that is designated for school, a few key aspects will set you all up for success.

Make Sure Your Home Learning Space Has:

  1. Adequate Lighting: Have you ever read a book in a movie theater? No. Try to provide as much natural light as possible, but overhead or task lighting is good too. Just ensure that your student doesn’t have to strain to see their work.
  2. Comfortable Seating: While learning from a couch or a bed can be fun every now and again, it can distract students from the task at hand. Help them associate their space with their seat by providing a chair with good support and height to work comfortably.
  3. A Workspace: Again, you can have a desk or a kitchen table, but your student needs a space where they can work on projects, spread out paperwork, or work alongside each other if needed.
  4. Limited Distractions: With one or more children learning at home, along with parents who are working from home, quiet space can be hard to come by. Think of different ways of adapting that will work for you. Headphones? Quiet hours?
  5. Organization: A constantly cluttered area can, in turn, clutter your mind. If your home learning space is organized, your children will know exactly where to find things and can put them away. It also means that you and your children are spending more time learning and less time trying to figure out where things are.

Here are some of our favorite home learning spaces provided by families at K12-powered schools to help you confidently create your own. Remember, keep it simple and ensure that the space works for your family.

We love these rolling homework stations, using a cool vintage library cart that keeps everything two students need to be organized and at arm’s reach. via#K12Unbox


This home learning space turned an unused living room into an “ever-evolving” classroom that works for the entire family. via Paula


With multiple learners, color-coded supplies provide lots of organizational inspiration. via Yadeysha


Doesn’t this desk just make you want to sit down and learn? Even if you don’t have a lot of space, a designated space is what matters. via Yadeysha



Personal touches and clever storage organization turned this room into a fun and personalized home learning station. It looks like the K12 materials have just arrived for these happy students! via Kristin O.


This bright and fun home learning space includes lots of educational wall decor and serves as the family’s playroom. via Tamar and Naomi M.



This bright home learning space has a table that folds down and out of the way for more space, making the room extra versatile. via Cody B.


This formal dining room found new life as a home learning space for the kids. via Laura


For even more ideas, visit our Home Learning Spaces Pinterest board—or share your space with others on the #K12Unbox Social Feed, which is full of inspiring materials and more online school learning spaces.


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