Happy Pi Day!

It’s Pi Day, which brings to mind a couple of things about which I’m pretty pleased. First of all, both of my kids are in a wonderful (and generally short) window of time. They know more digits of pi than they are years old. The 12-year-old knows about 30 digits, while the (almost) 9-year-old knows about 10 digits. I certainly don’t know more than forty-something digits.

Second, I am pleased that my kids (and many others) care enough to learn these digits without any pushing on my part. Their school celebrates Pi Day with contests and sharing sweet and savory pies. It pleases me that schools and kids care enough to celebrate this really great number.

I still agree that Tau Day should be celebrated, but June 28th happens to fall too late for many schools to celebrate it. I also wish that February had 71 days so we could celebrate “e Day” (the amazing transcendental number e is about 2.718281828459045), but I digress. Let’s celebrate pi, but more importantly celebrate that it is being celebrated.

Here are some things to do on Pi Day:

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This post was updated March 9, 2016


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