Preschool Learning at Home: Mom Bloggers Review Embark12

The preschool years are crucial in a child’s development. Unfortunately, early education is underfunded, and can be prohibitively expensive for parentsin some cities preschool tuition can equal that of college.

An online, home-based preschool program, Embark12  gives parents an affordable, high-quality option for preparing their children to begin kindergarten. The program includes hundreds of online and hands-on activities in core subjects including math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and music.

Moms have found the activities provide a fun and engaging way to start children on their educational journey. In fact, several bloggers were provided with the award-winning Embark12 Comprehensive program to try out with their preschoolers and review. Here’s what they had to say:

“…I am noticing a vast change in her desire to learn. It is thrilling to see as a mom!” Melanie, Crafty Cupboard

“One twin loved the art activities, while the other couldn’t get enough of the letter and word bingo games. My youngest played the animal sounds games over and over. “  Vicky, Mess for Less

“Penny has a very late December birthday and will be almost four years old before she is eligible to start a 3-year-old preschool class. I am going to be using this program with her next year to bridge that gap.”  Steph, Binkies and Briefcases

“Last week I witnessed Darah reading her very first book. It happened on EmbarK¹² Online and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I shed a few tears as I watched her work through each page (or in this case, screen). When she finished, she turned to look at me and was positively beaming. It is one of those childhood moments of hers that I will remember forever.” Tiffany, Stuff Parents Need

“With both online and hands-on materials, I love that you can really tailor the program to suit your child. You could go through the program from beginning to end or pick & choose what to do and when.” Sara, Mom Endeavors

“I loved that I could make a playlist for her ahead of time, so she could get started with the interactive online activities independently while I worked one-on-one with Sawyer for a bit…” Krissy, B-inspired Mama

online preschool program

“If the program I’m looking at is loaded with games that require little critical thinking skills, I’ll pass… EmbarK¹² is different.  The program offers a robust curriculum with plenty of activities and vocabulary that really prepare children for learning experiences offline.” Janine, True Aim Education

“Levi, my 5 year old, really has learned a lot in the few weeks that we have used this program. He looks forward to the time we spend with both the online and hands-on activities and many times he doesn’t want to quit when the school day is done!” Kristy, Adventures of a Couponista

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.20.04 PM

“It has also been a blessing to have both hands-on tangible materials to use with the girls as well as the online program. As much as I’d love to keep them away from the computer at such a young age, I know that they live in a world and in a generation where learning computer skills is vital.” Nicole, The Humbled Homemaker

“Although Sophia goes to preschool, she only goes twice a week and thrives off of structured learning activities there and at home.  But honestly, between writing for my blogs, keeping up with housework and tending to two children, I struggle with having activities planned for her every day that she’s home.  That’s why I’ve been loving the  EmbarK12 program!” —Lindsey, So Easy Being Green

Embark12 Shapes

Interested in trying Embark12 for yourself? Visit our Games and Activities section where many of the activities from the program are available to play for free. To learn more or purchase, please visit


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