Mom Finds an Affordable Preschool Learning Solution

Christina W. wanted something more for her 4-year-old daughter Savannah. She had tried several free online preschool activity programs, but Savannah found them difficult to interact with on her own.

“She had problems using them and would get irritated,” Christina explains. Also, Savannah had reached a learning level that exceeded these basic games. “She was bored with them and needed something else that was educational and still fun.”

The traditional state-funded preschool in her Orange County, California, subdivision was cost-prohibitive for their family, so Christina chose EmbarK12, an online, home-based preschool learning program offered by K12 for children ages 3–5. “She loved it,” says Christina of the comprehensive program that prepares children for kindergarten. “It was easy enough for her to navigate and not get frustrated.”

Using the latest educational research, K12’s EmbarK12 comprehensive program provides a curriculum that blends hands-on activities with interactive digital lessons. “EmbarK12 content comes alive in a multidisciplinary, thematic program that captures and sustains children’s attention while motivating them to want to learn more,” says Melissa King, K12’s director of early learning and product advancement.

The program is available just as research is revealing preschool as a necessity for early education. The Pew Charitable Trusts reports: “Based on what we now know about children’s brain development during these crucial years, pre-k has become just as necessary as kindergarten or first grade.”

The Foundation for Child Development’s research brief, Investing in Our Future: The Evidence Base on Preschool Education, concludes that, “…effective use of curricula focused on such specific aspects of learning as language and literacy, math, or socio-emotional development provide a substantial boost to children’s learning.”

After just six months, Christina has seen marked progress in Savannah’s skills, specifically her counting and language abilities.

“I feel she is more prepared for kindergarten now,” Christina says. Savannah also developed a keen interest in biology after playing the science game that teaches how the human body works. After noting her fascination with the subject, Christina took her to see “Bodies…The Exhibition” exhibit at a nearby museum, which displays internal organs, and organic and muscular systems. She was surprised to discover that Savannah was interested in and comprehended much of what she saw there, despite the advanced subject matter.

Christina is one of many moms of preschoolers who have discovered the benefits of K12’s EmbarK12 program. The online and comprehensive EmbarK12 programs offer preschoolers the strong foundation they will need to begin their academic schooling.

Interested in using the EmbarK12 program with your child? Now is a great time to order this award-winning learning program as it is 10% off through September 15! Just enter the promo code: K12Fall14 when ordering online or call 866.609.9579.  Noodleverse Language Arts, an online reading and writing skills and enrichment program for grades K–3,  and K-12 independent study courses are also on sale through September 15.

 Photo courtesy of  Christina W.

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