12 Fun Trivia Facts to Celebrate Shark Week – Quiz

Since 1988, viewers have been treated to week-long programming devoted to sharks on Discovery Channel‘s annual Shark Week. Some may celebrate by binging on any and all fin-related TV while others may choose to simply stay on land. Either way, why not test your knowledge with this shark trivia quiz.

Sharks are popular for their strength and hunting abilities, but keep in mind that they are hunting for food and not typically interested in attacking humans. In fact, the number of sharks killed by humans far exceeds that of humans killed by sharks. Researchers estimate that humans kill 100 million sharks every year and some say it is closer to 273 million sharks killed per year. Meanwhile, the International Shark Attack File recorded just 66 confirmed cases of unprovoked shark attacks on humans in 2018, and 34 shark attacks that were “provoked” by humans in some way.

And while recent shark attacks on humans have been in the news lately, experts say the “global average of shark attacks is trending downward,” according to NBC news.

Now that you know that sharks are actually more in danger of us than we are of them, you can safely learn more about them. Gather the kids and test your family’s knowledge of sharks by answering the 12 questions below. Click on “Answer” to see the correct response and to learn more.

What is the fastest shark? (They can swim more than 50 miles per hour.)

Which sharks don’t need salt water to survive? (There are two.)

Bull Shark & River Shark (Learn more about sharks’ habitats)

Which kind of shark is most likely to be found in a large group? (Think tools.)

What is the biggest shark? (Don’t worry, they don’t attack humans.)

What is the (assumed to be) smallest? (What do you use to see in the dark?)

How many species of sharks are known? (If you learned about one a day for a year, you’d need more time.)

More than 440

What is the oldest shark fossil to be found? (Also known as the Devonian Period.)

409 million years ago (Learn more)

How many of the oceans can sharks be found in? (The oceans: the Artcic, the Indian, the Pacifc and the Atlantic.)

All of them

Which shark has been found in the deepest water? (Can be found at depths up to 8,920 feet!)

Other than sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, what can sharks also sense? (There are more than just ocean currents.)

What cleaning compound can be found in shark teeth?  (Dentists would approve.)

What is the scariest looking shark? (in my opinion) (It sounds scary. Terrifying!)

For more shark facts and trivia head to Discovery Channel’s Sharkopedia.

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* This post was updated with new statistics in July 2019.

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