A Holiday Quiz for You and Your Family

Test your knowledge on everything from turkeys and jingles to reindeer and bells with this holiday quiz.

It’s equal parts holiday history, pop culture, and trivia of the season. As you enjoy the challenge of the quiz, you and your children will also learn some fun facts about holiday traditions and history.

Click on each answer, individually, or see all the answers at once at the bottom.

1. According to the poem “Twas The Night Before Christmas,” which is not one of Santa’s eight reindeer?

A. Prancer

B. Comet

C.  Archer

D. Cupid

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]C. Archer[/toggler]

2. Roughly translated, the song title of the New Year’s Eve standard Auld Lang Syne means:

A. Peace be With You

B. Good Old Times

C. Best Wishes to You

D. Watch Your Back

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]B. Good Old Times[/toggler]

3. It is said that the Three Wise Men (also known as Magi) came to Bethlehem bearing what three gifts? 

A.  Goats, sheep, and song birds

B.  Silk, wine, and perfume

C.  Gold, frankincense, and myrrh

D. Corn, camel hair, and olive oil

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]C. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh[/toggler]

4. Who is credited with writing the 1857 version of the song Jingle Bells, which went on to become one of the most performed and recognizable holiday songs in history?

A.  James Lord Pierpont

B. John Philip Sousa

C. Frank Bridge

D. Stephen Foster

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]A. James Lord Pierpont[/toggler]

5. Turkey makes for a favorite holiday feast. Which two states lead the U.S. in turkey production, combining to account for about 32 percent of all birds?

A. South Carolina and Tennessee

B. Indiana and Ohio

C. California and Arkansas

D. Minnesota and North Carolina

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]D. Minnesota and North Carolina[/toggler]

6. Which statement concerning Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is not true?

AHe had a very shiny nose

B. He first appeared in 1937 in ads for General Electric

C. He was forbidden from playing “Reindeer Games”

D. He was created to promote Montgomery Ward department stores in 1939

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]B. He first appeared in 1937 ads for General Electric[/toggler]

7.  According to Dr. Seuss, the Grinch is “cuddly as a cactus” and has “termites in his smile.” But what is the No. 1 reason for him disliking Christmas?

A. His dog Max is allergic to wreaths

B. He was once poisoned by arsenic in his eggnog

C. All the Hoos in Hooville sing out of tune

D. His heart is two sizes too small

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]D. His heart is two sizes too small[/toggler]

8. Which is not an ingredient in traditional plum pudding (also known as Christmas pudding)?

A. Plums

B. Eggs

C. Raisins

D. Suet (beef or mutton fat)

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]A. Plums[/toggler]

9. According to Forbes, the top-grossing Christmas movie of all time is?

A. Elf

B. White Christmas

C. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

D. The Polar Express

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]C. How the Grinch Stole Christmas[/toggler]

10. Cornucopia is another name for?

A. Santa’s workshop at the North Pole

B. The horn of plenty, filled with festive fruits and vegetables

C. A partridge, often found in pear trees

D. Holiday sales with items at least 50 percent off

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]B. The horn of plenty, filled with festive fruits and vegetables[/toggler]

11. Kwanzaa, the African-American celebration of life, runs from December 26 through January 1 and celebrates?

A. Family, Community, and Culture

B. Food, Faith, and Education

C. Rivers, Mountains, and Wildlife

D. Song, Dance, and Creative Art

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]A. Family, Community, and Culture[/toggler]

12. In the most common version of the song Twelve Days of Christmas, what does my true love send to me on the 11th day?

A. 11 Calling Birds

B. 11 Lords a Leaping

C. 11 Maids a Milking

D. 11 Pipers Piping

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]D. 11 Pipers Piping[/toggler]

13. During the Jewish Festival of Lights, how many candles does a Hanukkah menorah hold?

A. Three

B. Seven

C. Eight

D. Nine

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]D. Nine[/toggler]

 14. What does Frosty the Snowman do when a magic hat is placed on his head?

A. He begins to melt

B. He begins to dance around

C. He drops his comb and picks up a broomstick

D. He grins with glee

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]B. He begins to dance around[/toggler]

15. In the film classic It’s a Wonderful Life, starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, what happens every time a bell rings?

A. It begins to snow

B. Santa comes to town

C. Dinner is placed on the table

D. An angel gets his wings

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]D. An angel gets his wings[/toggler]

16. On New Year’s Eve in New York’s Times Square, an LED-lit crystal ball drops at midnight. Atop what building is that ball located?

A. The Empire State Building

B. One Times Square

C. The Chrysler Building

D. Radio City Music Hall

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]B. One Times Square[/toggler]

17. At Hanukkah, children traditionally spin a “dreidel” to win small prizes. What toy does a dreidel most resemble?

A. Wooden top

B. Hula hoop

C. Pinwheel

D. Roulette wheel

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]A. Wooden top[/toggler]

18. According to Billboard Magazine, the artist with the best-selling Christmas album of all-time is?

A. Nat King Cole

B. Mariah Carey

C. Bing Crosby

D. Elvis Presley

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]D. Elvis Presley[/toggler]

19. A character by the name of Kris Kringle stars in what story?

A. Miracle on 34th Street

B. A Christmas Carol

C. Deck the Halls

D. A Visit from St. Nicholas

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]A. Miracle on 34th Street[/toggler]

20. According to StatisticBrain.com the most common New Year’s resolutions among adults is?

A. Traveling more

B. Spending less money

C. Staying fit/losing weight

D. Better organization

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]C. Staying fit/losing weight[/toggler]

Bonus Question: The first official White House greeting card was authorized in the 20th century by which U.S. President?

A. Teddy Roosevelt

B. Dwight Eisenhower

C. John F. Kennedy

D. Howard Taft

[toggler title=”Click to see the answer” ]B. Dwight Eisenhower[/toggler]

Quiz Answers: 1-C, 2-B, 3-C, 4-A, 5-D, 6-B, 7-D, 8-A, 9-C, 10-B, 11-A, 12-D, 13-D, 14-B, 15-D, 16-B, 17-A, 18-D, 19-A, 20-C, Bonus-B



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