College or Career? What to Do after High School?

It is never too soon to start thinking about your future. This is especially true for high school students who are about to graduate.

Whether you plan on joining the workforce, taking a break from school, or continuing your education, this is an important milestone in your life. Below, you’ll find information on ways to prepare and save for college, the benefits of being an online student, and what other options are available to students who may not be interested in a higher education.

Apps to Help You Succeed

ap exam prep app

Today, there is an app for everything. It’s incredible that there are apps developed just to  allow you to get a cartoon bird around logs, while others will help you learn algebra.

Preparing for College

graduationFor high schoolers, juniors and seniors especially, college is THE hot topic. It can feel like your whole academic career hinges on the next few months. While grades are important, colleges are increasingly looking for students who have experiences outside of school. Here are some resources to make sure you are ready to start applying for colleges.

Saving for College

paying for collegeUseless fact of the day: College is expensive. There are ways to make looming debt less intimidating though, including saving early and figuring out financial aid and scholarships.

Online Students

Jennalyn managed to balance two jobs in addition to her school work and social life, and still earned the valedictorian title at her high school graduation.

Online students have a special opportunity when it comes to their future. Many students are able to explore other interests including sports, work, or volunteering.

Options Other Than College

High school grads have options other than college. Find out what alternatives are available.The above articles all focus on obtaining a second degree. Obviously, not everyone needs to go on to higher education to achieve their goals; there are many ways to have a successful career and future.

If you have any tips for those about to graduate please share them in the comment section!

Featured Image – Jim Reardon / CC by 2.0

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