10 Great Education Apps for High School Students

Whether your child needs extra math practice, help improving his or her organizational skills, or SAT/ACT test prep, there’s an app for it. The following ten FREE education apps for Apple and Android devices just might be the tools needed to strengthen your child’s education by increasing productivity and inspiring a love of learning.


This genius of an app enables you to take a picture of any math problem and receive a generated response. It especially comes in handy with understanding the process of reaching an answer in a step-by-step manner.

Available for Apple and Android devices.


The app for TED allows you to watch countless educational talks from its conferences all around the world. There are speeches on everything from “The Bio-Future of Joint Replacement” to “How Computers are Learning to be Creative.”

Available for Apple and Android devices.


Quizlet is a platform that allows for the creation and practice of flashcards. After generating a study set, users are able to electronically test themselves through quizzes and games. It is an effective way to learn on-the-go with your mobile device.

Available for Apple and Android devices.

SAT Prep (Ready4SAT)

With Ready4SAT practice questions and flashcards, students get the SAT and ACT practice they need.  The app tracks your progress in order to create a study program tailored to any weaknesses.

Available for Apple and Android devices.

Khan Academy

Master just about any academic concept with the visual step-by-step videos offered by Khan Academy. Pause and resume videos at your leisure in order to best understand the presented concepts and information.

Available for Apple and Android devices.


With entertaining practice activities and games, Duolingo is the fun way to learn a new language without having to sit in a classroom.  Master any one of the 23 offered languages by playing on the app throughout your busy day.

Available for Apple and Android devices.


Want to “train your brain”?  Try Luminosity, the education app that creates daily personalized challenges and exercises to increase cognitive function.

Available for Apple and Android devices.


BrainPOP is a fun and engaging way to learn by watching movies.  The unique thing about this app is that each video is linked to a quiz that tests how much information you retained.

Available for Apple and Android devices.


Term papers don’t have to be so daunting anymore!  Mendeley is a program designed to aid students in writing research papers. It lets you organize citations and notes, annotate PDFs, search for journal articles, and more.

Available for Apple and Android devices.


Ever have trouble figuring out the ordering for a source citation? With EasyBib, just fill in the requested information and the app will generate the correct citation on your behalf.

Available for Apple and Android devices.

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