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1)  What Parents Need to Know about Trivia Crack

Kids can compete with their friends and may even learn a little history, geography, and science with this high-tech version of Trivia Pursuit, but are there risks? Learn about the benefits and concerns of this popular mobile app.

Trivia Crack image

2)  10 Engineering Games and Apps for Kids

Some of the fastest-growing jobs are in engineering and will require STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), so it’s vital that kids take an interest in these areas. These engineering games and apps will engage them from an early age.

image of game with knights and castle

3)  Quiz: Which Decade’s TV Mom Are You?

Sometimes a funny quiz can teach you something about yourself. Take this quiz to learn which TV mom and which decade best matches your parenting style, and have some fun in the process. Don’t forget to share your results!


4)  The 17 Best American Landmarks to Visit with Kids

A visit to a historic landmark can bring history to life for a child and inspire learning in a new way. In this article, we feature 17 landmarks that offer invaluable learning opportunities. Click on each one to read about all that they offer for kids.


5)  4 Studying Methods to Help Kids Focus

In this non-stop digital age, getting kids to focus may seem like a losing battle, but there is hope. Try these four tips that can help get your kids to buckle down and concentrate on their studies.

4 Different Studying Methods to Help Kids Concentrate - Image via Flickr by Gary Rides Bikes

6)  What Oprah Winfrey Learned from Her Childhood of Abuse

Oprah rarely discusses her painful past, so the details of what she endured as a child will truly surprise her fans. As is often the case with so many successful people, she was able to learn from her struggles and ultimately benefit from them. Read how her difficult childhood contributed to her success and the four lessons it can teach kids today. (Part of Learning Liftoff’s Overcoming Obstacles series)

Oprah as a child and as an adult

7)  Hard Work and Persistence Paid Off for Walt Disney

Walt Disney did not have the advantages most kids in this country have today. He began working at age nine and only received an eighth-grade education. But his perseverance paid off, for him and for millions of Disney fans. Read his story here. (Part of Learning Liftoff’s Overcoming Obstacles series)


8)  4 Traveling Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss

Museums are a go-to place for supplementing a child’s education. In addition to standard displays, many museums host award-winning traveling exhibits that are a must-see for students. Read about the top traveling exhibits and even if they are not are coming to your town, enjoy the many videos and links we feature here.


9)  5 Ways to Redesign Your At-Home Classroom

A good learning environment can promote concentration, while a poor setting can cause distraction. So it’s important to consider where your child does his or her school work. Get tips here on how to design a more productive learning space in your home.

child sitting at desk with a computer

10)  5 Out-of-the-Box Techniques to Help Improve Study Habits

Building good study habits can be tough when there are so many other activities competing for your child’s time. Try these unusual but simple techniques and see which ones work for your student.

children running outside

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