13 of This Year’s Best Kids’ Halloween Costumes

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some adorably brilliant costumes while snacking on some of the kids’ leftover candy. Here are some of our favorite unique costumes that showcase STEM and education.

What’s cuter than dressing up as a classic artist? Painter Frida Kahlo was a particularly popular costume this year.

Happy little trees are the next best thing to a happy little Bob Ross.

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This Mount Vesuvius enthusiast is making geologists everywhere proud.

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A well-executed pun can show of your uniquely brilliant child’s creativity, even if he is a “cereal killer.”

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The First Lady herself was impressed by this duo.

The Doc is in! Many kids chose characters from their favorite television shows, like this one from a TV series about a young girl with dreams of becoming a doctor. Doc McStuffins offers kids a real role model and a great costume!

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A little DIY never killed anybody. Plants vs. Zombies for the win!

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The villains of Gotham won’t stand a chance with this DIY Batman/Batmobile wheelchair, along with Dr. Who and Wonder Woman.

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Hang in there guys. Mom just wants to take one more photo.

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Dressing up as your favorite character from a book is always a fun way to go. A Bad Case of Stripes and Diary of a Wimpy Kid made for great costumes.

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